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Khaosan Tokyo Samurai

Tokyo, Japan

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A few hundred yen more expensive than similar hostels. Why is that when they charge you for using the lobby computers, towels and prison breakfast? From my dorm (where the wifi only reached when standing against the wall) the sound of music and chattering from the lobby leaked into the room. Even though clean and safe, I recommend you not to stay here unless you have to.

Hostel Mundo Chiquito

Kyoto, Japan

So cozy, so friendly. All of the quests having a big meal together at night, bike rental at low cost and a "we'll fix that, dont worry"-attitude to things that would have cost you extra money at a regular hostel. Though not the best hostel when it comes to the facilities, everything else is all that you could ever ask for. Stayed at 8 hostels when I visited Japan, and this was the best one. A stay here is highly recommended!

Piece Hostel Kyoto

Kyoto, Japan

By far the best looking hostel Ive ever stayed at. The facilities are in great condition, but since it just opened its the least you could expect. Big complaint about how the 8 bed dorm was constructed though. Even with the curtains closed the light from the spotlights shines right in to your little cell since it doesnt go all the way up to the roof.And if the person below/above you turns their lamp on the white walls will light your place up as well.Could cause alot of problem for easy sleepers

Hotel Chuo Selene

Osaka, Japan

The lack of character and atmosphere wasnt too surprising since its a hotel and not a hostel. Theres nothing special about the place, other than that its located very close to the JR Loop line. Nothing bad about it either, but youll probably forget about the place as soon as you leave.

Fukuoka Hana Hostel

Fukuoka City, Japan

Since its so new one could expect the facilities to be top notch. Loved the people working there!


The only thing I could complain about is that there only are security lockers on the 1st floor. Good location, nice staff and everything is nice and clean.

First Inn Takamatsu

Kagawa Pref Takamatsu, Japan

Complete lack of character, the interior gave me a minor depression. The whole place smells weird and the security lockers are nowhere near your capsule. Also, the lockers are really thin so don`t be surprised if you will have to leave your bag in the washing room with no security at all during your entire stay. The staff still live in the 80s and speaks no english at all. The pool in the onsen was far to hot for anyone to stay in it any longer than just a few secs. Breakfast included though :)

Khaosan Tokyo Kabuki

Tokyo, Japan

A 20 minute walk to the JR Yamanote can hardly be considered "central" in a city like Tokyo, but overall a nice place to stay at. No strange smell anywhere, nothing broken. The only thing I could complain about is that the wi-fi didn`t reach my bed.

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Thank you very much for your stay. We are very sorry about that you had ploblem during stay. We are going to improve Wifi connection. We are looking forward to see you again.