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Giramundo Hostel

Ibiza, Spain

This was a great affordable hostel in Ibiza, granted, you will definitely be spending most of your money on the clubs. The rooms were clean and cooly decorated (I was in Jamaica). The location was kinda far from any of the major clubs (40 min walk to Ushuaia, 15euro cab to Privilege) but right next to the beach, which was BEAUTIFUL!!!!! The staff wasn't the most welcoming, but thats just from a checking in aspect. Oh, and free coffee, croissant and OJ for breakfast. Winning!

Hostel One Paralelo

Barcelona, Spain

Definitely a great hostel! The location couldn't have been better. Staff was amazing too, (shout out to Henrique, usually there overnight, total hottie, put up with a lot of girls and their drunken nights). And free breakfast and dinner (tips based) AMAZING!!!!!! The rooms were a little small, but who was really in there anyway?? The only thing I didn't like was that the showers were terribly small. Like i mean you needed to open the door to wash your feet small.

Yes! Lisbon Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

The PERFECT hostel!!!! If in Lisbon, you will not be doing the city justice If you don't stay here. For 5 days, I made a family with the staff and other hostel mates. Manuel, your enthusiasm about the festival of St. Anthony was INFECTIOUS! The dinner meals were too die for good (4 courses for €10, doesn't get better). the location was amazing, close to everything, minus the party hostel feel, even though you are bound to have a good time here. Do yourself a favor, BOOK HERE!!!!


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amazing Hostel!! The staff is so welcoming and fun, the beds are too die for comfortable, and the people who stay there are awesome. Was in Amsterdam by myself but all I had to do was sit in the living room and within a half hour, had plans for the night. Great value. It is a bit far from central station but that turned out to be an amazing thing! Away from the craziness, you could definitely come here to relax as much as to find a good time. I would recomend to anyone!