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Mexico City Hostel

Mexico City, Mexico

The other comments are right about the atmosphere. You have to make a big effort to hang out in the computer room area and start talking to people if you want to make friends. There are no free city tours or bar in this hostel, so that might be a reason why it doesn't feel very solo-traveler-friendly. However, for the clean/plentiful facilities, helpful staff, and strong wifi, I would recommend this place.

Smile Society

Bangkok, Thailand

The owner really really wants you to have the best experience possible. I only stayed one night on my way out to the airport. Easiest airport transfer ever. You sign up for a taxi if it's early morning, she packs you breakfast, and makes sure the driver doesn't cheat you. Facilities are clean. Would recommend.

Gongkaew Chiangmai Home

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Really great find in Chiang Mai away from the touristy party hostels on the south side of the old city. Like its name says, this is a guest house so it's great for talking to the owners and chilling with other guests in the large common area with cheap beer they sell. The owners did an amazing job hosting us for the lot katong festival (lanterns and boats). They arranged group activities like making the offerings and walking us over to where the local people celebrate! Definitely rec!

Pak-Up Hostel

Krabi, Thailand

If you stay in Krabi, you need to stay at this hostel. Best bar scene, cleanest bathrooms and rooms, and the most friendly and trustworthy staff I've ever seen. This easily makes my top 3 hostels out of maybe 40 hostels I've stayed at around the world. Krabi is a great chill place to explore railay and do excursions and just escape the chaos of Phuket and phi phi.

Bodega Phuket

Phuket, Thailand

Great staff who are very helpful in booking excursions at the lower price and very helpful in offering specific travel advice to your particular plan. Great bar downstairs with cheap prices to help meet people to go party with. Location is a short 5-10 minute walk to the beachline and the party street. Only complaint is that the shower is in the same room as the toilet with no shower curtain so everything gets wet when you shower.

NapPark Hostel at Khao San

Bangkok, Thailand

Night staff lady is not a nice person. Very short tempered and moody. Hostel beds and lockers and facilities were really great!

Masaya Hostel Bogotá

Bogota, Colombia

-Located near most other hostels in Bogota, so great for sightseeing - the walls are paper-thin - only one wall socket for a dorm room of 4-6 beds. - No Internet in the dorms. Great in the living rooms - good social scene with the other hostels, just need to ask. - Really good food and drinking at their resturant


Great location in the Cappadocia region, but i would explore the other options in the towns near by. Breakfast- amazing! Staff- incredibly helpful and accommodating and responds to emails! Can book everything through them. They might not be the rock bottom prices you might get from haggling, but the convenience is unbeatable. Common area is ideal for meeting people. No planned activities with the whole hostel, but plenty of tours/outdoor things to do with the people you meet

Bahaus Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

Very clean Great location in the tourist area Great patio, prices could be better The activities at night are hit or miss, but revolved around hanging out at the patio (BBQ night, family dinner, belly dancing, etc)

Granada Inn Backpackers

Granada, Spain

I only stayed for two nights, but I felt like the hostel could have done more to facilitate activities for people to meet each other. Everyone kept to themselves for the most part, but the facilities were phenomenally clean (granite tiled floors in the bathroom and showers better than my own house).

U Hostels

Madrid, Spain

Most luxurious hostel I've ever stayed at (out of 10 hostel around the world). You would be crazy not to take them up on the walking tours and daily evening activities. Highly recommend Erica and Pedro (?) for her walking tour and his authentic flamingo night.

Hostel Che Playa

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

GREAT Atmosphere to meet everyone and go out activities both arranged by the hostel or among ourselves. Get the "superior" dorm room, it's in the front with a balcony and hammock. I met the coolest people at this hostel, definitely would come back! - Bike Rental: 130 pecos, ask if they're doing a bike tour while you're there - Location: everything is very walkable - Staff: genuinely friendly people -Bathrooms: clean, provide hand soap and toilet paper - Don't plan on sleeping before 12

La Cigana

Tulum, Mexico

Not a party hostel by any means. Very quiet and laid back, maybe too laid back. When hey say the reception is o Lu from 830 am to 1030 am, they mean it. -Bicycle rental- 70 pesos -Breakfast - fruit and toast from 930 am to 11 am - Staff- friendly but a bit French-style in that they will do their job, but nothing else. - location: need a bike for the cenotes and beach, but this is true no matter where you stay. I looked at mama's hostel one night. I would recommend mama's over Cigana

Hostel Quetzal

Cancun, Mexico

The bathroom shower could use some repairs, water gets everywhere. please provide hand soap! I recommend this hostel for 18-30s who would like a fun group of people to enjoy cancun with. The staff is very friendly and arranges the the entire hostel to go out together. Breakfast and dinner are gourmet meals you enjoy with the entire hostel. Hostel is located close to a town center area where they host community shows and permanent food stands every night! Great local experience!

Ring Hostel

Ischia, Italy

the facilities could use some general cleaning and updating in terms of the lawn chairs on the roof top and the kitchen area.

Naples Pizza Hostel

Naples, Italy

Samuel was very competent and knew everything about staying in Naples including a sightseeing route. The city itself is a little crappy, not very maintained, graffiti everywhere, not a lot of sights. The location of the hostel is very close to the most amazing pizza and market street, confusing at first to get there. A few difference from what they advertise: there are no computers available, the printer didn't have ink, towels are not included, breakfast is one croissant and one drink.