Reviews: Anonymous

Location: Taiwan, Gender: Male, Age: 31

Chambers of the Boheme

Istanbul, Turkey

Bathroom and toilet were a disaster. The door handle is broken in the1st Floor. The bathroom on the 2nd floor the tiles were covered with fungus and needs restoration. The toilet bucket was covered with toilet paper till the floor on 1F. Although I notified this toilet issue to the reception, he only responded: " The cleaning lady will come in the morning" and after second thought he added "I will take care of it." However when I left the hostel at 4AM, it didnt get taken care of.

HI Munich-City

Munich, Germany

Like everyone said, this is a traditional youth hostel with very cold lighting. It makes you feel lonely.However it is clean and the facilities are in good condition. One thing I really have to praise them is their excellent breakfast. You cannot find a better breakfast (which is included for free) for a price like this!!! The location is good, just 3 min. walk till u-bahn station, and right next to supermarket. Parking nearby is tricky. Although it is free, but you have to try your luck

HomePlus Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

Like everyone said, Andrew is the nicest person in the world. About the security issue... Although they don't have 24 hour reception, they offer free padlock and lockers which makes it up a little. Perfect location. Many bathrooms and showers. Fast internet. Only complain is that they don't accept credit cards.

St Christophers Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

The hostel is by far the most luxurious in decoration for this price I have ever stayed. However the service is totally overwhelmed by so many visitors. I lived there for three nights, where two nights there were strangers in my bed when I came back. They kinda overbooked and are sending people to random rooms. The internet during rush hour is not reachable to everyone. Reading lamps were always broken. The building is beautiful but the details dont match up. Best price for room, worst service.


It wasn't as loud as I was afraid of. I was living in the first floor just above the bar. However after midnight, they reduced the noise and I had no problem sleeping there at all. Location was really good and bathroom was clean. Only thing though is that the you need a new wifi code every 30min, and you need to have a keycard always put in the card slot otherwise the electricity goes out (it does saves energy but kinda stupid for a hostel).Wish it had more power plugs, but you cant have it all.

Hostel Lodi

Rome, Italy

The place is actually not so far away than I thought. It is way easier to go to the sights than to Termini. Lovely and exciting surrounding across the bridge (Via del Pigneto). Only thing though is that the public bathroom in the basement was little bit dark and old. One lightbulb didn't work, and the corners could have been cleaner. Although I tried to suggest it to the staff, the staff only replied"we can't do anything today", and the next 5 days it was still the same.Overall I still liked it