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Hostel Galeria 13

Salvador, Brazil

They gave me an amazing breakfast before I even checked in (that is the biggest and best I have had in a hostel) and 1hr/day of unlimited free caipirinhas that promote a social atmosphere. It has an amazing location, close to a beautiful area for daytime exploration and nightlife, yet far enough away that you don't hear the noise from them at night. Kata and the breakfast lady deserve massive raises, Note: the dorm AC is useless. Despite that, its one of my fave hostels in South.America.

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ahh the headache of trying to find a happy medium for the air con,too cold for some and useless for others.

Republika Hostel

Natal, Brazil

There are no major problems with Republika. It exists, has walls and a ceiling, nice employees and a small bar. The problem is that there are so many better options in the city, including one right up the street (but several blocks closer to the beach..seriously, book at albergue de costa if you can). It has some hammocks that are quite comfortable, but the rooms smell kinda bad and it always felt a little dead. You wont hate Republika, but you wont love it either. It's perfectly average.

Zicatela Beach Hostel

Pipa, Brazil

It's located right next to the main surf beach in Pipa (and also one of the most scenic), and very clean with amazing staff and a collection of dorms to satisfy you no matter what your requirements/budget. Good breakfast and a quiet street that is very near the main one so you can go out at night easily but come home and relax. Also includes a few craft beers from Pipa in the hostel bar.

Kaza Rio

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

It's a nice enough place, but the reason to stay here is that it is clean and cheap. The wifi barely works (and only works at all if in the bar area), the location is sketchy at night and while it is just a few minutes walk from the metro the fact is you will have take it for at least 20-50 minutes anytime you want to go to anywhere worth going (except Lapa) and the lockers are useless. That said, it's clean, staff (especially Laura) is incredibly helpful, and the outside doors secure.

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Hi,thanks for spending your time to give us your feedback. We were having some problems with internet that were all fixed now. As said on our description we are not located in a tourist area, but a local neighborhood that can offer to our visitor know Rio beyond the postcards. We try to improve daily so your feedback is very important to us! Cheers!

Lisetonga Hostel

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

A great location near a world famous beach but far enough away to be quiet at night, some of the best staff imaginable (which frequently put on unofficial events just because they want to do something so they invite everyone), and good vibes. Whatever Anya is being paid, it should be doubled.

Old Town Hostel Kanonia

Warsaw, Poland

Truly one of the best hostels in eastern Europe, and i can't imagine a better one in Poland or Warsaw. Perfect location, not overpriced, clean and the only we had was dealt with immediately.

Niriis Hotel

Chania, Greece

Great location near the beach, very clean and a decent price. The owner (George) is very kind and helpful, but his brother also works there and comes across as very creepy and made the women in my group feel very uncomfortable.

Hostel 1110

San Jose, Costa Rica

The best ownership and staff I met while in Central America. While there isn't much to do in San Jose, these guys are close to the few places you will really want to go, before exploring other towns and regions.Comfortable beds, clean area, hot water that is actually hot, friendly people and an atmosphere that encourages you to enjoy your fellow travelers..what else could you want?

Hostel Casa Jacaranda

Antigua, Guatemala

About as secure as you can possibly be, and an easy to find location that is kind of on the edge of the main area of Antigua so while its easy to find, its still not as close to the action or main sights as some might want. However, if you're looking for a nice quiet place, this is definitely your best bet. I stayed for a few nights to rest and recover from jetlag, and then went to a different hostel to meet people. Overall, one of the cleanest hostels i stayed at and an amazing free breakfast.

Arenal Hostel Resort

La Fortuna, Costa Rica

Good location on near the bus terminal...its too bad that the dorm was the least comfortable of my time in latin america, especially since its one of the more expensive options amongst hostels. The main issue, however, comes from the american with a shaved head who runs the place. He outright lied, repeatedly, to a group of us in order to get us to use his tour company and make him money, and once we declined and he realized we were giving someone else our business he became rude and childish.

Costa Rica Love Hostel

Heredia, Costa Rica

In a bit of a boring area, as everything closes at dark and you are told not to walk around the neighborhood after dark, anyway...but its a great place to spend your first or last day in Costa Rica if you need a place to stay before departing to the airport or after arriving from it. The owner is one of the most helpful people you will ever meet, the dorms and facilities are very clean, the shuttle from the airport is reasonable, and everyone likes a welcome drink.