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Planet Traveler

Toronto, Canada

Weather was 32 degrees, really hot!! Especially the midday sun, unbearable hot!! You can't do sight seeing for all day, had to go back to the hostel to rest, took a shower. Staff came in start to do vacuum and clean the bathroom at 5:30pm without knocking at the door. Everywhere staff knock at the door before come in, but in here! What about if I was naked after shower? Bedsheeet has changed when someone check out, but cleaning done at 5:30pm


How much does a hot water kettle cost? The hot water kettle in the kitchen is out of order, it took 10 mins, water still not boiled... ... how can people make a cup of tea or coffee? Room is really hot, couldn't sleep at night. Not sure whether because it is a old building? Room temperature is at least 8 degrees hotter than street temperature. It remind me one hostel in Prague, really hot!! Never forget that.

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Hi and thanks for the feedback. New kettle is on the way! It has been unseasonably warm this past week that's for sure. Cheers! Pete Assistant Manager

Home Made House/Hostel

Vilnius, Lithuania

People in the street don't speak English or they didn't want to help? I asked many people for direction, not much helpful. A bit hard to find the place. Should have home made hostel sign at the front, not very clear. Owner Lina is a very friendly, helpful person. I appreciated! She should always get guess's rent before they stay no matter what time it is? Not every single person is honest. I don't want her to miss out rent from any guess.

Base Brisbane - Embassy

Brisbane, Australia

My room window has no handle, can't open! I hate a room window can't be opened, like a jail. The air con is far too cold! Even was given a extra blanket, still freezing... ... met other guest in the hostel, two women they said: their room is very cold too! Why people design window can't be opened? I couldn't sleep at all whole night. Air con is centre air con, can't be adjusted, if that's the case, shouldn't design window can't open. Handle for basin is loose, same as toilet flush button.

Barnacles Temple Bar House

Dublin, Ireland

Smoke alarm was off for three times in the morning on 29, Sept, 2014 causing chaos... ... scared us!! computer only schedule for 20 mins, then auto off.other places can use as long as you like. a bit annoying.

Travel Joy Hostels Chelsea

London, England

I did send a comment before, it is a pity you didn't receive it. or??? the shower is hard to use. When you turn it to warm temperature, water flow become extremely heavy, flooded. If you turn it light, temperature is cold. It is most stupid shower system I have ever experience.

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Thank you for your feedback. Indeed the UK system of the showers is a bit different, but we have signs in every bathrooms to explain how to use it. Sorry to hear you didn't appreciate it. Thanks again for your stay!

High Street Hostel

Edinburgh, Scotland

should have some hook or chairs or table in the room, no where to hang the towels, clothes... ... should have places to for guest to hang in clothes.

Hostel Alice

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Everything is ok except you need to climb up 87 steps from metro to the hostel ( I did count each of the steps! ), I was out of breath carrying all my bags climbing all those steps from the bottom to the top. Hostel is good size, not too big. Kitchen is nice, garden is beautiful, got two swinging nets you lie there, heaven! Staff is friendly! Love this place!

Lemon Spirit Hostel

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

On the first day I arrived, was bitten by mosquitos badly that my neck, body, both arms, legs, feet everywhere of my body were red & swollen & itchy!! I am really pissed off!! There is unknown insect jumping on the floor in my room. NOT happy!! There are so many red & swollen spots on my body, I felt like this is not me?! Don't they have some kind of spray to spray the room?? Don't they have such a thing called: Pest Control?? It really ruin my trip to Brazil... ... definitely not happy!!!

Sultan Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

stayed at a 6 bed female dorm, toilet & shower was inside. When the girls take turn to have a shower, whole room was in steam, hot and big humility!! was on the ground floor, next to the street, very noisy! Car horn, people yelling, even late at night or early in the morning. No lift, you have to carry your heavy luggage to upstairs... ... if you are given to 3 or 4th floor. Feel really uncomfortable go the toilet when the floor was really wet after the girls had a shower.

PLUS Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

The common room is steamy hot!! No air-con, like 35 degrees! The room that I was given is also so hot!! I had to take shower 3 times on that day! Properly it's facing the sun. No free breakfast, you had to pay for euro 5. There is a internet but it's so hot in the common room, you can't stay there for 5 mins! Exchange rate was lower than the bank and all the exchange places in town. Staff was helpful.

Antares Hostel

Nice, France

Bathroom and toilet are very small, just like in Hong Kong, maybe it's because the space is really expensive, so they had to built it in that way, I guess? Good location, close to shops, restaurants, train station.


Hostel world direction told us to get off at Termini station. It took us a long time to find the hostel. It is locate in between Repubblica and Barberini train station, not Termini station. This is the second time hostel world gave not very accurate information of direction. last time was at Munich, Germany. Staff was friendly and helpful, clean, hostel is inside a building, the lift, if someone didn't close inside door, it won't work, but it's not hostel's fault.

PLUS Camping Jolly

Venice, Italy

Tent was so hot! Can't sleep! Felt 33 to 39 degrees. Had to leave door open all night, people walking, passing by the tent, smelly! Toilet and shower were very far away from our tent. Eat at the restaurant, no air condition, felt like 35 to 39 degrees... ... Shocking!