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Miso Guesthouse and Hostel

Seoul, South Korea

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Yeosu Guest House

Yeosu, South Korea

Very friendly hostel in the heart of Yeosu. We are so happy that we went here between Pusan and Seoul, the access to local people and amenities is second to none. The taxi drivers will not know how to find this hostel, so you may have to call the hostel from the railway station as we did, bit it is VERY easy. It is directly in front of one of the main temples in Yeosu town. just up the street from the main roundabout. Can;t miss it!

Indy House

Busan, South Korea

Wow one of the best, cleanest hostels on out stay in Korea! Seconds from the beach in Haeundu. We didn;t use any of the facilites, kitchen etc, or the roof garden, but it looked like fun and an easy place to meet other travellers.

Miss Egg Hostel

Busan, South Korea

No cooking facilities! The place is good and small but the Indy up the road is much better, better rooms and facilities for the same price. The Egg has some cute features like merchandise etc but we didn't spend much time there. The three flights of narrow stairs were a surprise!

Fukuoka Hana Hostel

Fukuoka City, Japan

One of the most comfortable hostels we stayed in in Japan. The beds were the best. Then hostel is very new and everything is fresh and new. The private bathroom - ok but small and better to use the communal facilities. My room mate is a 5 star bathroom guy and refused to use out private bathroom. The location is great and Fukuoka was a revelation, what a party town!

Guesthouse Tamura

Nara, Japan

The Tamura was the most authentic hostel we stayed in in our entire Japan holiday. You are essentially staying in someone's home. There is a curfew, which I have never experienced before, but it had no impact as Nara is a city that sleeps!

Ikoi-no-Ie Kyoto

Kyoto, Japan

This was our first hostel in Kyoto and we were a little disappointed. The place was good, easy to find and cheap, clean etc. We stayed in two private twin rooms. The first room was so small that the two mattresses just fitted and we had nowhere to put our bags except standing them up, which was not ideal. They were the smallest rooms we stayed in in Japan. The hostel has two buildings about 100m away from each other, ours was the remote one and we were separated from everything.

J-Hoppers Hida Takayama Guesthouse

Hida Takayama, Japan

Great location in Takayama, we stayed two nights. Narrow staircases were hellish for lugging our bags to the top floor. The communal bathrooms were better than out private bathroom, I wouldn't bother. Staff were friendly though I was told to take my shoes off 2m closer to where I was taking them off. A tedious endless task in some hostels, where you have to take off your shoes is often inconvenient and in my case (bad knee) difficult to do unless you sit down.

Jimbocho Sakura Hotel

Tokyo, Japan

First hostel we stayed in in Japan, liked everything.

Perak Lodge

Singapore, Singapore

The Perak lodge is an easy 5-7 minutes walk from the MRT station direct from the airport in Singapore. The area around is Little India which is a great fiun night out and better than Chinatown fro example. The lodge itself is the equivalent of a 2-3 star hotel with great breakfast included (continental +, I would call it) which varies from day to day. We found it quiet and friendly, I was surprised to be honest. Easy connections to town from the other nearby MRT station and we walked in once.

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