Reviews: Anonymous

City Guesthouse

Toronto, Canada

It was a really nice experience to stay there. The owner was friendly and helpful, the guesthouse was a beautiful victorian mansion. The room was spacious and close to downtown.

Aivengo Hostel

Amsterdam, Netherlands

It was a really nice place, two steps from the Red Light District. Staff was friendly and helpful. The worse part was the cleanliness : The cleaning lady wasn't really working hard and seemed drunk or something the few times I've seen her. I hope that at least my bed sheets were washed. The room was so dusty that my girlfriend mopped the floor.

Passenger Ship Avanti

Amsterdam, Netherlands

It was pretty cheap and the concept of sleeping on a boat is cool, plus the breakfast was included. There's two major problems that I had : The bedroom (cabin) was atrociously small, there's barely enough place for two people to stand in it. My bed was barely bigger than the size of my body. Secondly, the shower is just one little room, with no place to put dry clothes or anything. You end up having to walk half naked from there to your cabin. For that reason, the corridors are often wet.

Belmont Hotel

Brussels, Belgium

Belmont Hotel was pretty inexpensive and for the price so I can't complain much. The location is not too far from the city center, it can be done by foot. On the negative side, the room we stayed at wasnt perfectly clean and the sink was leaking. The worse part was actually the bed, the matress was really old, i've never actually slept on such an unconfortable bed. Hopefully I can sleep pretty well on anything so it wasnt bad, but if I have had back problems, it would have been hell.