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Orange Drive Hostel

Los Angeles, USA

No customer comment

AAE Clarion Universal

Orlando, USA

The location is perfect and the hotel is very clean. The woman who make our check in is very rude, she's from Durban but she lives in USA for 16years. So she is definitely the most rude and arrogant person we met in USA in our Vacay. So I'd reccoment this hotel only for the location, but I wouldnt recommend for the staff. And She told us that people in Orland are just like that they're not helpful and friendly but actually she was the only one who was rude there.

Wombats City Hostel Budapest

Budapest, Hungary

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Skanstulls Hostel

Stockholm, Sweden

I just stayed there for a day. But I think people can find something better for the same price...

Equity Point Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

One of the best hostels I've ever stayed. Everything is perfect, the price, location and staff. I recommend this hostel to everyone who wants to go to prague...

Best Holidays Venice

Venice, Italy

The hostel is not that good. The location is perfect however the hostel could be better and i think that we can found something better for the same price. I'd recommend only because te location is good. And the guy who was at the reception is very friendly he went to the boat to take us and helped us to carry our luggage...


This guesthouse is very nice. I'd recommend to everyone who wants to go to rme. The metro is just 2min, and everything is very clean. The staff is very helful giving us all directions and some good restaurants.

Hostel Van Gogh

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Thi is more an hotel than an hostel. The best hostel I've stayed. I strongly recommend to everyone who wants to go to amsterdam. The location is good very close to amsterdam sign and everything is clean.

Hostal Sunrise

Ibiza, Spain

The location is good however the hostel is not that good. Very poor atmosphere and is not very clean. The bathroom is a bit old. and one of the biggeste problems there are no air conditioner and the bedroom is too hot.

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How could you expect air condition if we didn't have it in description? It means that you hadn't pay for that kind of service. Anyway electric fans are available upon request. We are cheap 1 star hotel and 2 stars hostel. 3 stars hotels with air con are at least two times more expensive. We have daily cleaning service. Yes we have old furniteres which you can see on the photos that's why we are so cheap.

Urbany Hostel Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

One of the guy who was at the reception is very rude...

The Yellow

Rome, Italy

No customer comment

Generator Hostel Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark

The hostel is pretty good, ver well located and clean. I'd recommend to everyone who goes to Copenhagen. But I didnt like the one girl from the staff, Christina, she was a bit rude with me. Because my keys doesnt work and when I went downstairs to answer to another one she doesnt look really helpful....But overall is great place

Locanda Ca' Le Vele

Venice, Italy

Great Hotel. I strongly reccomend to everybody who wants to go to venice. The location is perfect, the staff is really friendly, everything is very clean and the hotel is really comfortable and cozy...... 5stars

Hostel Colours

Milan, Italy

The hostel is good. But the staff was not so frindly. I think the breakfast is really poor could be better. They have no internet upstairs in the bedrooms, and for me its very strange, only in common room. but for a short stay is good.

Brussels Hostel Grand Place

Brussels, Belgium

This hostle is in my top 10 of the best hostels, really clean, the location is perfect. I'll probably recommend to all people who wants to go to Brussels, for a short/long stay is perfect. The only thing was that we have to walk 15min to make a check in because is in different places. I think they could do that in the same place to help us...

Shelter City

Amsterdam, Netherlands

THis Hostel is 1 of the worst hostels I've already stayed.When I read the review I thought was good. But actually, the atmosphere of the hostel is really old and looks uncleaned. The bathrooam is dirty. Everything is old, the stairs and the floor. On my first time I stayed in the 1st floor. Then I stayed In the 2nd floor, was horrible because the stairs to get to 2nd floor are really thick, small and narrow. And they knew that the shower was cold but they just repair when I complained abou that.

Global Village

Belfast, Northern Ireland

This hostel was one of the most clean hostel i ever been. Everything clean, bedroom, the toilet is excellent and also clean. The staff is simply amazing, such a friendly people. They invite verybody at night to have a drink with them. I really had a good moment in belfast. I strongly recommend this hostel for everybody who go to Belfast, and also is only 10min walking to the city centre...

Castle Rock Hostel

Edinburgh, Scotland

First of all the hostel is very well localized. But i wouldnt recommend for anyone who like to stay in clean place. The hostel is dirty, you can see that in the entrance, everything desorganized. I choose to stay in bedroom only with 6beds, but i dont know why they put me in bedroom with 12 beds, too much people everything desorganized. Also the bedsheets was dirty. The bathrooms are disgusting. I hope they can make some good things because the localization is very good.

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I am sorry if you were alocated the wrong room, if you let reception know, they would have been more than happy to fix the problem. Sheets are changed every day, and the hostel and its bathrooms are cleaned morning noon and night. Perhaps you are not custom to staying in dorm type accommodation? Or sharing with people in this way?

Urbany Hostel Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

O Hostel é 5estrelas, foi o melhor hostel que já encontrei, bem localizado. O pessoal é super simpático, falam várias línguas, gostei especialmente porque falavam portugues... Os quartos e as casas de banho são impecáveis. Recomendo vivamente este hostel,.....