Reviews: Anonymous

Location: England, Gender: Male, Age: 26

Great staff here - really helpful for organising things and they give you a good price. Really friendly as well. Came in the off-season so quite empty and can't really comment on the atmosphere but a good location in the centre of the real town (not just hotels) so you can mix with the friendly locals in restaurants. Also not a long walk to Petra.

Hostel Erottajanpuisto

Helsinki, Finland

A lovely, quite hostel with friendly staff and good faciltiies. Close to the ports and the train station. The staff were helpful and I had a good time staying here.

The Monk's Bunk

Tallinn, Estonia

A great atmosphere. Not quite a full-blown party hostel but very lively. The facilities are good and are being upgraded. An excellent location for access to the old centre. I had a great stay, my only real complaint being that the Lahemaa National Park Tour which the hostel runs for half the price of the tour company, is that price because it is probably half the value. The tour guide didn't have much to say and it was more of a trip for really cash-strapped students looking for a daytime drink.


A great party hostel, but very much an in-your-face party hostel, so be careful if that's not what you want. The free beer on arrival was a nice touch and the facilities were good on the whole. It also has an excellent location near the main bus station, the train station and the old centre.

High Life Hostel

Krakow, Poland

A good place to stay, close to the station and the centre. Friendly and helpful staff. The facilities are good and the hostel has organised trips to Auschwitz and other places which make things very easy for the visitor.

Tatamka Hostel

Warsaw, Poland

An excellent place to stay. Not the closest place to the main station, but a perfectly walkable distance from it. Also a nice walking distance from the old centre. The hostel has good facilities, though nothing special, but the staff were extra friendly!

PLUS Berlin

Berlin, Germany

A great hostel. Fantastic facilities, a nice bar/restaurant and a great location in the coolest part of Berlin, only 15mins by s-bahn from the main station. Definitely a party hostel though, so make sure that's what you want. Lots of English stag parties around!


Dresden, Germany

A wonderful hostel. Very friendly staff, fantastic facilities (cheap laundry service, good kitchen, nice social areas, etc) A fantastic location near the train station and a short pleasant walk from the old centre. A thoroughly enjoyable place to stay. My only issue? Not enough power sockets in the dorm :(

Steffi's Hostel Heidelberg

Heidelberg, Germany

A great place to stay in a beautiful city. Right next to the train station which was amazing, and with fantastic facilities - computers, a great kitchen, optional breakfast, nice beds, etc. It's not right next to the old centre, but why borrow a bicycle from the hostel for free to get there! Fantastic.


Not the perfect hostel, but a good place to stay nonetheless. A decent walk from the centre, but a pleasant one. The facilities were good on the whole, but the staff could have been a little more friendly. All in all, a nice place to stay.

Townside Hostel Bremen

Bremen, Germany

I had a good time at this hostel. Bremen is a lovely city but it's not big so you end up spending quite a bit of time in the hostel. Luckily the staff are very friendly, the facilities excellent and the location is perfect. I would strongly recommend this hostel to anyone staying in Bremen.


An old style Youth Hostel which means, unfortunately that it was filled with German school groups! Not therefore ideal for the lone backpacker as there aren't many others to talk to :( The location was nice with good views, and the hostel building itself was good with decent bathroom and dorm facilities. No computers and expensive Wifi is a bit behind the times, and the basement kitchen really needs a makeover. But a decent place to stay if you don't intend to spend much time in the hostel.

Sleep in Heaven

Copenhagen, Denmark

A good hostel but lacking a few things. No kitchen was a major downer as food isn't very cheap in Copenhagen. It is also not very central in what is quite a small city, and seems especially far out to walk to when it's raining, as per usual! But otherwise an excellent place to stay with excellent bathroom facilities, nice dorms and a good level of security.

Birka Hostel

Stockholm, Sweden

I had an excellent time in Stockholm and Best Hostel City proved an excellent place to base myself. Everything was within easy walking distance, and there was public transport nearby. Perks of the hostel include the free pasta all day and free breakfast, which I found unbelievably useful as Stockholm is not a cheap place to eat! The hostel was friendly without being a party hostel and the dorms were comfortable and quiet. The only missing thing - lockers. But the hostel does feel safe anyway.