Reviews: Anonymous

Garden House Budapest

Budapest, Hungary

The staff here at Garden House are very knowledgeable about Budapest and willing to help. They're friendly and approachable. The hostel is located a bit away from City Central, but you can get anywhere by using the metro system. I would recommend getting a pass for the duration of your stay. The rooms are comfortable, clean, and updated. I would stay at this place again for a future visit of Budapest.

Do Step Inn

Vienna, Austria

Nothing special about the location, but easy access to the trains to get around Vienna with ease. The staff at check-in were very helpful, but unfriendly to sit and have a drink with. Overall an average hostel, I would stay here again, but nothing special to wow me.

Doug's Mountain Getaway

Innsbruck, Austria

DMG is awesome! It's such a unique and homey feel. Everyone who stays there feels the same about it, it's warm, welcoming, and inviting. This place, however, is not IN Innsbruck. Which is fine if you're not hoping to see the city, there is PLENTY to do in the mountains and DMG will show you the way to go. For adventure, fun, or even just to relax, this is the place to do it. I'd love to come back and stay with Doug for a winter ski trip!


This is a very nice place to stay in Taksim, however it's a bit far from the attractions on the other side of the bridge, like Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Bazaar, etc. The WIFI was difficult, but overall my one-night stay here was fine for what I needed prior to catching my flight home. I'd recommend this to people who want to stay near Taksim and have already seen the other Istanbul attractions.


Very nice place, friendly people with good information. Rooftop deck is key for some afternoon beers or a glass of wine. As I found with many hostels, typical sized locks don't fit the lockers and the storage room here is just an open room. I didn't have any issues though. I would recommend this hostel.

Fusion Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

This place was neat! Not a bad spot (but there are very few bad locations in Prague as it's very walkable). The bar throws some pretty crowded parties, but is a lot of fun on a chill night too.