Reviews: Anonymous

Hostel on 3rd

San Diego, USA

One of the best hostel experiences I've ever had. The staff proved themselves to be wonderful over & over again. I asked if they had a different room available with a bottom bunk free. I was rather embarrassed, but they were incredibly polite and provided a different room. There were a bunch of bathrooms, didn't have to wait for one once over 5 days. I left my headphones in the lobby and they had saved them for me. Facilities were clean, everyone was genuine and friendly. Thank you!


I really enjoyed my stay here. The room was a bit cramped, 4 people in a tiny room, but you shouldn't be spending time in your room if you're in Paris anyway. With good roommates and helpful staff, it was lovely. For a place to crash cheaply in the most beautiful place in the world for few days, it was perfect. It was the safest I felt in a hostel ever, the desk was open 24 hours, as a woman traveling alone, I very much appreciated everyone.