Reviews: Anonymous

Location: USA, Gender: Male, Age: 29

Lucky D's

San Diego, USA

This hostel was good for its price and location, right in the middle of the city. It has amenities such as TV and internet (which is too slow to stream anything, so no Netflix). It also provides breakfast and occasional dinner which I didn't attempt. It was however dirty and old. Towels and beddings were worn out and appeared overused. It feels like you're living in some pot head's room with their dirty laundry. My clothes were hung and when I got home they smelled horrible like the hostel.

Avalon House

Dublin, Ireland

The staff is nice, cafe is good, breakfast is just ok. The sheets and blankets are old. Under my bed I had stained blood along with rust so I couldn't use my sheets. I didn't like how the bathrooms are community AND male/female. I had little girls taking showers near me as I had to use the restroom, very uncomfortable. Other than that it had a great location, good internet availability and very good price that can't be beat.

The Boutique

Limerick, Ireland

Very nice little hotel to stay at with all the accommodations. They also have an area where you can make different style coffees and eat scones. The breakfast is amazing. The staff is very nice (especially the American woman) and security is great since they let you in. The only thing that I didn't like (which they warn you about in their description of the hotel) is it's close to a bar which has live bands. It will be loud in your room until about 1am. If you're watching TV it's not a problem.

Sleepyhollow B&B

Ennis, Ireland

Very clean and comfortable place to stay. The lady running it is extremely nice and helpful. Good food and a really nice room. There is even a small room that is used for TV, coffee or to read. I would recommend for more mature travelers not party-goers. Very happy with my choice to stay there.

Salmon Weir Hostel

Galway, Ireland

Nice hostel near the Salmon Weir Bridge. I liked how you had to ring the door bell to get in. This ensures that people who shouldn't be there aren't, and the door's answered immediately. The place was decently clean, but the type of people who go there seem more dirty hippie. No Wi-fi and TV is a community TV, the room is literally just a bed and locker. Bath/shower is very small and community, which I didn't like. For a one night stay in Galway it was cheap and efficient. I would recommend it.

Paddy's Palace Killarney

Killarney, Ireland

This is a simple hostel. You need to leave your key before you leave and pick it back up when you get back. This kind of makes you feel like you're "checking in" every time you go out. Also, they just ask you what room you're in and have no way of knowing if it's you're room or not. Theoretically, someone could just go by and say they have a room and they'll be given your key. Location is great and the room was very clean. The only thing I would have liked is a razor outlet and towels.

Windsor Inn cork

Cork, Ireland

This place is located close to the train station in Cork right above a bar, but is not loud. The value for the money was good. The rooms are kind of old but I believe the beds were clean. The appliances were older and the TV only had 2 channels. One would change if they changed it downstairs (so you're half way watching something and it suddenly changes). The razor outlet was hard to get to work. Breakfast is great and definitely a deal. I would definitely recommend this place.

Captain Halpin's Hostel

Wicklow, Ireland

This is a very nice and clean house in a perfect spot in Wicklow. Right next to the Garda so it's very safe. They provide breakfast for about 1.50 euros. The people are very comfortable and friendly. The only thing I would have liked is internet and television but other than that a very good place to stay.