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Location: Indonesia, Gender: Male, Age: 39

Gong Corner Guesthouse 1

Kuta, Indonesia

Ini hostel dgn kondisi terburuk yg pernah saya tinggali. Kami sekeluarga memesan 1 kamar 4 bed private ensuite, ternyata di lokasi bukan ensuite, kamar mandi hanya ada 1 di bawah, sngt mengecewakan. AC tdk terasa dingin. Sarapan pagi terlalu minimalis, hanya roti setangkup kecil. Lokasi jg jauh dr pantai. Sangat mengecewakan, tdk direkomendasikan.

  • 4th Aug 2014
  • Avid Traveller
  • Indonesia
  • Mixed Group, 31-40
  • (15 reviews)

Anker Hostel

Oslo, Norway

I have no more comments regarding this hostel since I never stay in due to cancellation. However, I get a good impression because every communication we undertake is satisfying me.

360 Hostel Centro

Madrid, Spain

To be honest, there is a better hostel I have stayed in the same city lower prices, more facilities, ensuite dorm, cleaner environment, free luggage locker, and more spacious common room. Therefore I can't provide a perfect rate for this hostel.

Hostel Paradis

Nice, France

Unfortunately, I got the room in the attic which was the 5th floor. I wish I could stay in lower floor, so that I wouldnt have to climb up & down the stairs. I suggest that a kitchen is provided.

PLUS Florence

Florence, Italy

I can't criticize this hostel since almost perfect in every aspect. The only things I can complain is the noisy sound from the bar during midnight was really bothering me. I wish I could change my room, but I wasn't eager to repack & move my heavy luggage that time.

Nuova Locanda Belvedere

Venice, Italy

I know that the new owner has just begun her business, so there are a lot of things to be improved, especially bathroom which was only 1 for all the guests. Moreover, I suggest that a kitchen should be provided... Good luck for Zena!

Explorers Hostel

Bucharest, Romania

The guidance to reach the hostel was not clear. Please, put more details. In my opinion, the hostel should be cleaner.

Owner Comment (Hide)
Thank you for your review. The guidance to reach the hostel are always improved based on guests advices (so please help us improve that, tell us you opinion to make it better). About the cleaning... I don`t know what to say. We clean the bathrooms and the dorm daily. If it was dirty for sure it was because of other guests not cleaning after themselves and we just didn`t got the chance to do it in time for you not to notice that.

Sumo Cat Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

I'm impressed by the hospitality of the female staff....

Tapir Hostel

Warsaw, Poland

Personally, I enjoy my stay @this hostel. However, I have to honest, there are some shortcomings to be improved. Firstly, the rate is not worth. It can be reduced by adding more rooms in the future. Currently it has only 4 rooms. Secondly, the guidance to reach the hotel is insufficietly detailed. I was lost a couple times on my way to go there. Thirdly, it needs more facilities, such as luggage locker, meeting point, etc. But it probably requires high investment.


I can't say anything more, it's perfect. Therefore I rate almost all the aspect as excellent..

Home Lisbon Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

I can submit several shortcomings & recommendation of this hostel, as follows: 1. It should provide more details on how to get its address from the Nearest Metro Station. I was lost there until a guy help me to escort me on his way home. 2. It ought to provide city map as it's important for inexperienced traveller. 3. It ought to provide separated stove for guests to cook in the evening as well. Since we had to share the same stove with the owner who cooks routinely everynight.

Las Musas Hostel

Madrid, Spain

There are shortcomings of this hostel, as follows: 1. It should provide City Map much broader not just a small part of the city center. I got lost a few times while I was travelling throughout the city. 2. It should put more details on the guidance how to reach this hostel. Don't just stop at Tirso de Molina Metro Station. Put more details from Metro to the Hostel. Previously I got twice walking around those blocks nearby to find this address. Other than the aforementioned, all are perfect

Six Degrees

Jakarta, Indonesia

I can't give any more striking comments, it's beyond my expectation. I really recommend this hostel to all traveller fellows. The mere bad luck is I left my watch there... :(


I recommend this hostel. It's worth the money; cleanliness,atmosphere, facilities, & security. The only thing that you probably complain is the location, however it doesn't matter since it still can be reached by Metro. You'll get breakfast & dinner while staying, so you just need to consider your lunch. I feel like at home, meet other guests from various continents at the dining room. If I have an opportunity to come back to Paris someday, I definitely will stay here again. 5 star 4 Namdemun

Aloha Hostel

Paris, France

Well,I was staying there for 3 nights. First, I checked in at the receptionist. Unfortunately, I had to pay an add charge for sheet that is commonly available for free, and also for the deposit money EUR 8. I suggest that the front officer should be warmer to guests by smiling. Then, I came into my room which was on the highest floor, it was really exhausting to climb up narrow wodden stairs. Horribly, I had to stay in that dark room since both lamps do not work at all. I do not recommend this