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Trinity Hostel

Minsk, Belarus

Excellent location, professional approach to running a hostel, clean, good facilities. On the other hand sound isolation could be better and lockers in the rooms would be a welcome addition. And a hostel in which alcohol is banned loses a couple of karma points straight away. :)

Central Hostel Riga

Riga, Latvia

This was my 3rd stay here and I stayed in 4 bed dorm this time. It is good and spacious and there is a nice common area in the 3rd floor right next to it. Overall hostel is keeping up with it's level and remains my preferred place to stay in Riga.


It comes on a more expensive side of Riga hostels, but you cannot deny it is a good one. Location is brilliant, rooms are spacious enough, it is clean and nice. I don't think one should have any concerns when booking a place here.

Central Hostel Riga

Riga, Latvia

This was my second stay at this hostel. It is not as cheap as it was before (it is still cheap, simply before it was very cheap), but on the positive side by adding lockers they have eliminated their last real problem. Other than that it is a good hostel with a reasonable location and no real drawbacks. As long as it stays like this I will probably not bother searching for other place to stay in Riga.

Riva Hostel Pula

Pula, Croatia

Very central location and some 30 yards away from sea but you are separated from it by construction works. The sound isolation wasn't great and the staff was a bit disorganized at times. Facilities are good, cleanliness was never a problem and the atmosphere was fine.

Confidenti Hostel

Ljubljana, Slovenia

A cozy hostel just outside the central part of the city (still within very much walkable distance). Rooms are clean and spacious enough, facilities are adequate and the terrace is really nice addition to the package. Staff is friendly and helpful.


It is rather far from the city centre but close to tube station. Cheap by London standards. Good breakfast. They say that they do apply strict non-alcohol policies (may be a blessing or a curse depending on your preferences, I didn't take a chance to test how serious they are about it). No additional charges or hidden fees. And one curious thing - I have never seen so many people sleeping on the floor in the hostel before.

Kinlay House Dublin

Dublin, Ireland

The location is good, the hostel is reasonably clean. The facilities are a bit odd (you rarely see people of both sexes using the same showers in places like this, don't you?). The common room is spacious and comfortable. Rooms lack lockers. The breakfast are small and I'd suggest buying some ham, cheese or pate as otherwise you may end up eating toasts with butter and nothing else for breakfast.

Bru Bar & Hostel

Cork, Ireland

Very good location, a nice bar with live music downstairs (and the sound isolation is good enough that you wouldn't hear anything while in your room). However, the room we stayed in was really small and there were no lockers. Cleanliness is rather average: hostel is not spotlessly clean but not a disgusting one either.

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Midtown Hostel

Gdansk, Poland

It is a nice hostel with a friendly staff, good location just outside the Old Town and nice common room where it is easy to socialize with other people staying there (and the staff for that matter). Yet sound isolation seemed to be rather poor and just two toilets combined with showers are just not enough for a hostel of this size.

Freedom Backpackers

Torun, Poland

It has a great location and my room had a great view right towards the main street. That aside it is an average hostel: fairly clean, doesn't look really new yet gives everything you basically need for a night.

Retro Hostel

Poznan, Poland

I was thinking long and hard to find something that was wrong with this hostel but then could find nothing. Plainly excellent: great location, excellent facilities, charming and rather unusual interior and then it's not an enemy for your pocket either. Hands down, five out of five, highly recommended.

Hostel Oki Doki

Warsaw, Poland

It is a good hostel with a nice location between Old Town and a central station. It is well run, clean, staff is nice and then it has a bar with cool happy hour to start your night and meet with other people at the hostel. One thing that could be improved are the showers that are small and not very comfortable to use. Oh, and then the computer they offer to use is straight out of museum of technology it seems.

The Sleeeping Maris Tallinn

Tallinn, Estonia

It is quite cheap hostel with a great location right in the Old Town. Yet this location means there are quite a few bars outside and they were really loud throughout the night. There is nothing posh in this hostel, it is located in the old building that is not renovated and then it is not very clean. Yet all the necessary facilities (and some that are not so necessary) are there and they are working and the staff is nice, so overall it is not a bad place.

Central Hostel Riga

Riga, Latvia

It has no major drawbacks and that's the best compliment for a hostel that charges some 5 euros a night. It is fairly clean, the staff is nice and helpful, the location is ok (not the old town, but fairly close to it and then a central station is just few minutes away) it has a couple of tables in the backyard to calmly enjoy your morning coffee or afternoon beer. The lockers though would be the welcome addition to the package.