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FYI if you book a 6 person dorm, they may over book to a 8 or 10 person, but will still charge you for a 6 person dorm. Also they don't clean the room, except to take the trash out and but new sheets on the bed that you have to make up. There's only one elevator which is annoying and they use key cards that don't always work. This was the worst hostel/hotel I have stayed at, NEVER AGAIN

Itaca Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

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Big Fish Budapest Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

I loved staying in this hostel. There was a real sense of community and everyone was really friendly and what to make friends. The staff was AWESOME, my favorite hostel so far.

Art Hole Hostel

Prague, Czech Republic

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Circus Hostel

Berlin, Germany

It was really amazing. The staff was very friendly and helpful. The location was very easy to get to. The rooms were very nice and there were lots of showers and toilets on the floor....enough so that I never had to wait for anything and it was private enough that I almost for got I was in a shared bathroom