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Nabua Lodge

Yasawa Islands, Fiji

Incredibly warm staff with a quality resort. Many things to do for free or cheap here.

USA Hostels San Francisco

San Francisco, USA

Very nice hostel for San Francisco. Good breakfast, good lounges.

Aqui Me Quedo Hostal

Manizales, Colombia

I stayed 8 days for the Feria. After 10 months in S America, the staff here will stick in my mind as near the best. They have a wealth of information and the environment is so welcoming. I will be back in Columbia and when I return to Manizales, I will stay here. The have a varied breakfast, three hammocks and a nice living area. They are only five minutes walking to the New Town and in a quiet area. The staff's English is good enough to get you the info you need. Fantastic hostel!!

Arcadia Hostel

Medellin, Colombia

Very nice comfortable and clean hostel.

Media Luna Hostel

Cartagena, Colombia

A pretty good hostel with a pool!

Hostal al Fin del Mundo

Punta Arenas, Chile

The staff was excellent and helpful... when they were there, which was not all of the time. Overall a good hostel, with a good location, good movie selection, big bathrooms, pool table, etc.

Free Style

Ushuaia, Argentina

Fantastic hostel! I will only stay here whenever I return to Ushuaia for Antarctica! Great staff, great facilities. The WiFi can be spotty, but that is it

Los Lupinos

Ushuaia, Argentina

very nice hostel in a good location

Vibes Hostel

Quito, Ecuador

Very nice hostel. I have stayed here three times now and their lounge is one of the best I have seen. Cheap and great location too.

Biergarten Hostel

Ilha Grande, Brazil

Very nice, clean hostel.

Studio Beach Hostel

Ilha Grande, Brazil

Okay. In some guys house and he doesn't really orient you to to island at all

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sorry, did not please him, but your comment is not fair, you're here just one night and left right after breakfast, was 12 hours in my house, your comments do not help other travelers seeking the best for their hosting

CabanaCopa Hostel

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Pretty good hostel, with good value

Lagoa Guest House

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Great hostel! A little off the tourist path, so it doesn't attract many travelers, but the hostel itself is beautiful! Great kitchen and common areas. The beds are a little thin on plywood. Very clean, very professional and very friendly.

Terra Brasilis Hostel

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Beautiful hostel overlooking Lapa and the center with two large balconies. The beds are very comfortable as is the general feel of this place. The staff isn't as outgoing as other hostels, but when you ask them for something they will help you figure it out. Best place to stay in the area if you're looking for something in this area. The hike up the hill is the only drawback. Not a party hostel but it is conducive to meeting others for a night out.

SugarCane Hostel

Pipa, Brazil

Absolutely fantastic hostel! The breakfast is great, the staff is helpful and friendly, the hammocks and atmosphere is fantastic for meeting people, and it is very clean. My only (very minor) complaint is the knives need to be sharpened and the pots are missing handles. That is the only thing that could make this place better - that shows how good it is.

Hostel Galeria 13

Salvador, Brazil

Great long breakfast and free caipirinhas. It's clean and well located. This hostel feels more like a business than any other hostel I've stayed at. They send you an unwelcoming email of "you had better show up" and one of my friends was questioned by the owner rudely after their group sat down at the restaurant owned by the same guy. Not the most friendly atmosphere but overall very good amnenities and a great place to meet fellow trackers.

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"you better show up "That is not at all what we write. We thank you for booking ,we offer you a taxi and we suggest if you know you are not coming we will not charge you if you advice us in the 48 hour canelation policy which some people do not read or see. So we are actually being very business like because we make sure you know of the need to tell us of cancelation or adjusting your booking.??It sounds like a very halpful reminded to me. One of my freinds was questioned??What is your name perhaps? We have now been around 5 years we are always trying to improve our service and need to be proffesional ,as we are busy and run at nearly 90% occupancy .We need to be organised as we are the most popular hostel in Salvador ,our business attitude we prefer to see as being very well run providing much more of a service than any one would expect from a hostel. If you want a disorgainsed over booking type party hostel then yeh we are not for you. Sorry abou that.

Bananas Hostel

Itacare, Brazil

After 5 months in South America, I haven't found an atmosphere like I have in Bananas and a lot of that has to do with the staff and community here. I was going to stay a week and it will end up being 3. STAY AT BANANAS

HI Hostel Chapada - Lencois

Chapada Diamantina, Brazil

One of the best hostels I've stayed at in my 4.5 month in Souh America. They have a great, varied breakfast everyday. The staff is incredible and have so much information on your options for tours. I will definitely recommend this to other travelers considering Chapada.

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Dear Brian, it was a pleasure hosting you. We appreciate your taking the time to rate your stay here with us. Your kjnd words are an incentive to all our staff. We will keep up with the good work and hope to see you back here one day. We wish you many many good breakfasts along your trip and send you the best vibes from Chapada Diamantina. OBRIgado! Juan, Marcia, Felipe, Sueli e Katiene :)

Submarino Hostel

Florianopolis, Brazil

This place lives up to it´s billing. I have been in South America for 4.5 months and this is far and away the best. As everyone said, this is the best breakfast you can find - it is the best breakfast I have ever had and I could eat it for the rest of my life - big variety, healthy and very good. The staff is incredible. They seem to bend over backwards to help you and then act like it is no big deal. Incredible location, cleanliness, etc. etc. I will be back, I just need to figure it out,

Che Lagarto Hostel Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, Argentina

The kitchen was small, but that was my only real complaint about it. They speak English and make you feel at home.

Kona Tau

Easter Island, Chile

This hostel had everything I would want in a hostel. Hot showers, big lockers, a kitchen, friendly staff, and close enough to town for a short walk.