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City Backpacker - Hostel Biber

Zurich, Switzerland

Overall this hostel is ok. It is small, but just fine if you need a place to stay for a few nights. The lockers to store your belongings are quite small. It is in an older building and there are not many shelves to put your things near the bed when sleeping. Not very many outlets to charge your phone as well. The great location is the best part.

A&O City Hackerbruecke

Munich, Germany

The hostel overall was a little dirty and the lockers were pretty small in the rooms. The rooms were pretty small as well, but the staff was excellent. I had a friend cancel last minute and they gave me a full refund. They also gave me a towel to use for free. The noise wasn't too bad considering Oktoberfest was going on. Overall a decent place if you just need a cheap place to sleep.

Circus Hostel

Berlin, Germany

The best hostel I have ever stayed at! They thought of everything at this hostel.

St Christopher's at The Winston

Amsterdam, Netherlands

I tried to get some sleep during the day and some alarm went off 3 separate times for some reason. The room wasn't that spacious and didn't have any shelves to put things on. Our door to the room was broken some of the time making it difficult to shut at night adding to the noise when people came into the room late. The staff was nice and there was plenty of locker space for luggage storage. You could hear noise from the bar from our room making it difficult to sleep sometimes.

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Hello Christopher. Thanks for your detailed feedback. We've passed on your worries to our maintenance team who will be thoroughly investigating each concern. Cheers for the heads up.

Castle Rock Hostel

Edinburgh, Scotland

This hostel has great staff and great atmosphere. The people staying in our room were a little loud when trying to sleep, but I can't blame that on the hostel.

Ginkgo Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

The staff was very helpful and knowledgeable about Budapest. The place was kept clean and was set up in a friendly way so that it was easy to meet other fellow travelers. However, my major complaint was that the room for 6 was connected to another room for 6 and the only way out of their room was to go through our room. Our neighbors kept us up at night being loud and passing through our room all of the time, so I didn't get much sleep! The room for 6 was really a big room for 12!


The staff was very professional and helpful. There seemed to be plenty of bathrooms and they were fairly clean. The lockers were not big enough to fit my backpack in however so I couldn't really lock up my stuff. A decent walk to the downtown area but plenty of stores right around where the hostel is located. The bed wasn't too comfortable but it was good enough I suppose.


Pros: Great location right near the train station, good breakfast for the money, and plenty of bathroom showers and stalls with soap provided, everything seemed new Cons: No windows in the rooms making it hard to not bother anyone without turning on the light, no lockers to lock your stuff up, all of the bathroom stalls are in one large area which makes it have a weird vibe, the atmosphere seemed more like a formal hotel instead of a hostel

City Backpackers Hostel

Stockholm, Sweden

This place was great because they really thought of everything. The design and location of everything made sense including a common courtyard area where you could hang out and socialize during the late hours without waking anyone up. The staff was helpful and the kitchen was quite large facilitating a nice way to meet other fellow travelers. The free pasta is a nice touch too to try to save on food, one of the more marked up items in Sweden.

Slottsskogens Youth Hostel

Gothenburg, Sweden

Pros: Staff was really nice and accommodating Breakfast was really good with traditional Swedish food and labels so you know what you are eating The rooms had fairly big windows with nice character Had lockers to lock everything up Cons: Not that big of a lobby to hang out in The showers and bathrooms didn't seem that clean The location wasn't all that great compared to other cities I have stayed in (although it was close to a metro line)

Generator Hostel Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark

This hostel had its own bathrooms and showers within the room you were staying that were clean, which was nice and convenient. I really like how they had happy hour specials and a bar within the hostel itself. There was plenty of room to hang out in the lobby in order to meet other fellow travelers. My only complaint was the internet was not working on the last day I was staying at the hostel and it seemed to never get resolved.

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Dear Christopher - thank you for all your nice comments about Generator. It is with comments like yours we can maintain, improve and develop our product and services, to make sure we meet our guests expectations. Unfortunately we did have an issue with the internetaccess, but I can inform you that this is now up and runing again and ready 'till you come back. Always welcome! Once again, thank you for your comments.