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Rosy Guest House

Siem Reap, Cambodia

It is a very Western hostel, driven by mostly Western staff. It had very much the feel of a hub for the local expats.

Homeland Guesthouse

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Very nice hostel, mostly due to the very service-minded staff. The very beautiful, smart and incredibly service-minded manager actually drove me to a restaurant and picked me up two hours later. That is going beyond the duty to please a customer. A receptionist also made me dinner (presumably the chef was out) which was very good. The staff really do aim to please.

Khoi Hostel

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

A real hostel. Good staff and easy to meet other travellers. No bar though.

Hanoi Dahlia Hotel

Hanoi, Vietnam

It is not a hostel, it is a small hotel. Pleasant and service minded staff, free computer in the room but no bar and definetely not a place to meet people.

Hostel Rynek 7

Krakow, Poland

Very nice location and kind staff, but I paid for a double room in order to have a room on my own and a bathroom. Yes, I got a private bathroom, but it was not located in connection to the room so I still had to pass through the common area to get there, which sort of takes away the point of having a separate room.

Hostel Oki Doki

Warsaw, Poland

Very friendly hostel with a nice little bar. Good location and very nice staff. Best hostel I have been to in Europe (Sunrise in Beijing is still the best).


The place is well situated on 97th street, but the atmosphere is poor. I wanted to book a friendly hostel in order to meet other travellers, but what I got was a poor standard hotel without a bar or a restaurant. Sure, some travellers sat with their laptops in the lobby and I think one of them had bought a beer in the reception, but it was not very inviting. The bathroom was in the corridor, which I don't like. The staff did their best and was friendly.


A nice hostel, which unfortunately lacks a real bar area.


Excellent location. Too bad that the bar is in the next quarter. The staff is very friendly, especally the amazingly beautiful and talented Amy, but they were unable to call me a taxi when I was leaving, which is something I really never have encountered before. Amy was very reassuring that I would find one in the street and helped me by writing the adress in Chinese characters and of course I did find one. However, that was a bit disappointing.

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Thank you for your praise and criticism, We will do better, Welcome you come again


Excellent location and standard. However, the place lacks an elevator and since I came here directly from the charming Sunrise Hostel in Beijing I felt this place really lacked charm. Mostly Chinese guests, which makes it difficult to make friends unless you know Chinese.


It was probably the lowest material standard of all the hotels I visited in China, but it more than made up for it by its excellent location in a hutong district less than ten minutes from the Forbidden City and its nice staff. This is the friendliest hostel I have been to, and I have missed the atmosphere and the sense of belonging at every hostel I have been to since. Many back-packers come here and you can really get to know some nice people.