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CyanBox Hostel

Guilin, China

good hostel, nice english speaking staff, very good for the price. toilets could be cleaner, but they were kind of ok comparing to others i've seen in China.

Tavern 47

Shangri-la, China

really nice hostel, i was glad the showers were separated from toilets, and not just in the middle of the bathroom making everything wet. really helpful staff. bikes for rent were really a nice option to explore Shangri-la's surroundings. as the old town is being renovated after the fire of a few years ago, the area is really dark at night. make sure your cell phone lantern is working when you're going back to the hostel at night!


very well located. rooms and common areas were nice, but toilets kind of stinky, yet i can consider them ok comparing to others i've seen lately...

Hong Kong Hostel

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

everything was ok. i just can't understand this thing of the bathrooms in asia, with the showers just in the middle and not separated by anything from the rest...everything is always wet as hell!

Stones Bar Dorm Rooms and Restaurant

Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

don't stay there if you plan to sleep before 2 a.m, as the whole beach turns into a party with loud music at night. for me it was not a problem though. i think the best was to get out of bed, walk 10 meters and being at the beach. the restaurant's pad thai was really good! the only bad thing were the bathrooms. it would be much better if toilets and showers were separated...everything is always wet and full of sand the way it is.


Bangkok, Thailand

best hostel i've stayed in asia (with the best toilets!). everything clean and functional. it is like an one hour walk to the old city with the main sights, but there are buses you can get, and it is cheap with the taxi meters (the normal TAXI METERS - the colorful corollas - , not the tuk-tuks, as these sometimes will try to charge much more of what is fare.)

Living Cat's Hostel

Madrid, Spain

this is a hostel for party-teenagers!never seen so many disrespectful people together before.staff seemed to be in the same vibe.i arrived late and there was a noisy party going on.there was a girl occupying two beds(one of them mine).beautiful building,good location.showers are terrible,there's no space at all to put your stuff.i wouldn't recommend it, unless you're a teenager that wants to get drunk without leaving the hostel(which is so stupid, while you have the whole Madrid to party in)

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Hello, We are truly sorry that your stay was not perfect. If you have any problems with your room etc. the reception is more than happy to help you fix the situation. We have several parties during the week to create an atmosphere of fun for our guests, however we always ask guests to be respectful of others and leave the patio (where guests' bedrooms are) after 12am. Again we are sorry about the problems with your stay, but are very glad that you enjoyed the building and the location.

Olga's Place

San Sebastian, Spain

it felt a bit's really like an apartment,and the common room is so small that it feels more like just a reception.i would go back to the hostel just to sleep,because the atmosphere didn't feel very welcoming,maybe it's different on summertime.bunks are too small,the down part of them makes you feel you're in a box.impossible to sit on your bed if you're down.lockers are small,they're not for backpacks.toilets were very's ok if you just want a place to sleep and take a shower.

Ganbara Hostel

Bilbao, Spain

Ganbara is a great place, located right in the center of Bilbao! It's really much better than the pictures that we can see here on the website. I would just add towels and a little cheese with breakfast...and also individual electricity plugs and reading lights for each bed (just details that would make it even better) :)

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Hi!!! We do have towels for hire and free individual reading lights at the reception. We┬┤ll make something about the cheese in the breakfast. Thank you for advicing!!!! We hope to see you again! ;)


Great rooms and bathrooms, with simple details that make all the difference (like the curtains, individual lights and plugs for each bed, and the shower cabins with plenty of places to hang clothes and towels). The location is quite far from the center, but there's a metro station really close. Breakfast could be better. Showers with timer are annoying sometimes.

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Hey, Thanks for the comments and review, it's really helpful to us and those reading the reviews. I'm pleased you enjoyed the little things we do for you to make things easier. The showers should be timed for 30-45 seconds, any less than this and we'll take a look, so let us know! Thanks again for the review. St christopher's Inn Paris Canal


Stockholm, Sweden

Excellent location. Stockholm is a really expensive city, so the fact the hostel has a kitchen is great. Staff was not helpful at all when I needed to print a document and when I asked for directions. They would say everything is at "the central station". My room was really small, people could barely walk between the beds and I felt that I was sleeping in the same bed as the person beside me, because there were only 10 centimeters between the beds.


Not very well located. My impression was that there were only groups of teenagers staying there. I had problems with my room mates:a bunch of drunk english 16-year-old boys that would arrive screaming inside the room at 4 o'clock (ok,this is not the hostel's fault, but generally you can see by people's reservation how many people they are, if they are together, if they are 16 or 25 years old, if they are boys or girls,and plan who you'll put together.the hostel is big,i'm sure this can be done)

Brussels Hello Hostel

Brussels, Belgium

This hostel was quite strange...when i chose a "female room" i didn't have idea that there was actually a "female building", which was 1 block away from the building where reception and breakfast were, which was very incovenient. There's just 1 bathroom in each floor, so i was always waiting to use it. This was one year ago, i don't know if something changed by now.

Ostello S. Fosca

Venice, Italy

I know that Venice is not cheap, but this was the most expensive hostel i've ever stay and it does not have anything special. The location is very nice, though. If you just want a clean and well located place to sleep , it's ok. Reception hours SUCK! After 8 p.m. there is no one there. Wi-fi wouldn't work in my room, only at the reception,which CLOSES after 8.The bathroom was thematic: it would flood if you take long on the shower.The receptionist didn't even know a cafe to recommend.

Stayokay Amsterdam Vondelpark

Amsterdam, Netherlands

good location, excellent breakfast, nice rooms, bathrooms could be better.