Reviews: Anonymous

A&O City Hackerbruecke

Munich, Germany

I have never hated a hostel as much as I hated this hostel. In a lot of ways it was average--the location isn't great but manageable, the facilities meet a bare minimum of cleanliness, it's sort of noisy but fine. The real kicker was the MINIMUM 30 MINUTE WAIT at thefront desk at ANY time of day. I nearly missed an international bus because I waited 45 minutes to get the key to the luggage room. The staff were nice but why oh why did everything take forever?! Get your act together people!!

Orient Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

A solid hostel on all fronts, but nothing all that special. Clean, with professional staff who answered all my questions. The location would be excellent except that it's a pain to drag luggage down from the tram to the hostel... the airline shuttle service is definitely worth it if you have a bulky bag, as Istanbul public transportation gets REALLY crowded.