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Hostel ROOM Rotterdam

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Stayed in private "Love" room with girlfriend. Great room, great atmosphere with communal area and meeting people and especially great staff. Would definitely return in a heartbeat.


I stayed in the ten person dorm. It was broken up into smaller areas where people slept. I think , there were 5 outlets for the entire 10 person dorm. That is a bit ridiculous nowadays with all the electronics people charge The hostel was nice but it seemed to be run more like a business than a place to kick back and relax. I understand the need for that, but the atmosphere suffered greatly. Nothing was particularly bad, just did not enjoy the feeling of the place.

St Christopher's Berlin

Berlin, Germany

I stayed in four bedroom mixed dorm. Each bed had its own lamp/electricity outlet. Lockers in each room and clean bathrooms. Place is like a maze with extra bathrooms and showers of needed. Was bit loud at night as we were street facing, but this was expected. Bar downstairs was great, seemed like travelers and people from area both came by. Most excellent location...Walking distance frm sites and transit.

Little Hanoi Hostel

Hanoi, Vietnam

I stayed in the dorm room and single. Dorm- the bunk beds were very close to each other. I could stick out my arm and touch the person sleeping on the next bunk over. One bathroom for six people on the 5th floor. If in use, you have to trek your way down the stairs to the bottom - a bit annoying. Each bed had a locker with provided key. One of the lockers was broken. Single room was great, but at a cost similar to hotel. Staff was extraordinarily nice. Slamming FREE breakfast to start the day.

Hong Kong Inn

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Many hostels in many different buildings are here. Staff is great and the location is awesome. On the same block as Causeway Bay metro and a short walk to plenty of awesome eats and a wash and fold laundry spot. Everything you could need is here. Spent the New Year's here so the price on hostelworld was outrageous if booking a bit late. Book ahead if during the holidays for cheaper prices. Not the fault of the hostel, but hostelworld sucks for jacking it up so much.

The Hump Hostel

Kunming, China

Many locals visit the bar so it does get crowded. Smoking even inside the bar makes a bit unpleasant for nonsmokers to grab a bite to eat or use the wifi. They have a communal toilet paper roll in the main bathroom area before using the toilet. A bit annoying as gambling how much you need, but I understand their desire to save paper. One thing I do give kudos for is they did seem to enforce bed number assigning. Always annoying to get in late and have to figure out which one is free.

Angelie Hotel

Jiuzhaigou, China

November - their dorm rooms on the roof are freezing. They did provide an extra blanket which was nice. The plumbing in one of the two bathrooms did not work. Luckily, there were not many travelers there. The other bathroom looked like a poop grenade went off in there. Very disappointed. It is walkable distance to the park entrance, but so are many other places. If you are going off peak times, just show and look for place when you arrive. Closer/cheaper places there. They did have clean sheets.

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Dear guest, Thank you for staying with us.We will pay more attantion and improve the cleanliness of our dorm rooms.Thank you very much for your suggestions.


For some reason, I did not enjoy the atmosphere in this place. That said, I came back to stay here and extended my stay here. The hostel literally had everything- nice outside area, ping pong table, free DVDs to watch, nice lounge areas, restaurant with reasonable food, tour desk. I think the problem was the lounge areas were just a bit too small to facilitate groups of travelers to chat with each other. The tour desk is a bit pushy - save some money just taking bus yourself to visit the Pandas


I stayed in both the 3 person and 8 person dorm. They have an extra bathroom downstairs which took me a day to find. Would have been nice if the staff mentioned that so I didnt poop my pants one day. The Great Wall tour is awesome. Directly to the wall, a beautiful hike, and right back. People not even staying at this hostel came here for the tours. The 8 person dorm had nice lockers to keep stuff locked up while the 3 person did not. Either way, they have extra secure lockers downstairs.


I had some trouble locating the hostel before my trip. I used google maps and it kept pointing me to another Little Hanoi location which was frustrating. It did seem like everyone I showed the address to knew it was by the lake; so it ended up working out. Besides that, The staff at Little Hanoi took care of everything for me! Above and beyond anything I asked for. I was extremely pleased. I had nothing to worry about which gave me more time to enjoy this beautiful city. I will be back!

Son & Daughter

Nha Trang, Vietnam

Great value for money. Five or so minute walk to the beach. Decent meals at downstairs restaurant and my favorite place, recommended by the hostel, just a couple minute walk away. Ask to find out! A bit noisy at night, the backpackers hostel and bar are next door filled with travelers. Fun if that is your thing. I slept well at night, so I didn't seem to notice. The staff, the young lady in particular, was very helpful and friendly. Thank you for that!