Reviews: manuelacevedo0812

Location: Peru, Gender: Male, Age: 37

Pariwana Hostel Cusco

Cusco, Peru

Third year in a row that i stay in Pariwana. I am still surprise about the atmosphere that this hostel has. Incredible as always :)

Paraga Beach Hostel

Mykonos, Greece

Great location but the beds are really uncomfortable.

Athens House Hostel

Athens, Greece

The worst hostel i have ever been. The buliding was located on a horrible neighbourhood, the guy in the front desk was super rude to us. When we arrived at 1am we got the surprise that it was OVERBOOKED. They had to make people sleep on the floor in the entrance. Everything was dirty, no services provided, they even didnt have clean sheets nor Towels!!! Please REMOVE this hotel from the offer. The worst EVER!!!

Kozna Suites

Prague, Czech Republic

It was a great apartment 20 meters away from the old square. Great location, everything was great

Wombats City Hostel Berlin

Berlin, Germany

The rooftop bar ROCKSSSSS!!!! Amazing rooms, the people were super nice. Everything great!!!

Nouvel H�tel Paris 18

Paris, France

I called to cancel 3 days before but never got an answer. I hope they didint charge me if not i will be PISSED!!!

Nouvel Hotel Eiffel

Paris, France

THe price is WAY too expensive for the services offered. The rooms are extremely small and dont look nothing as in hte pictures!!! I will never stay here again.

Riad Iaazane

Marrakech, Morocco

I felt like i was my house in Marrakesh. Really great people. Thanks Kamal :)

Hostel Santa Monaca

Florence, Italy

Everything was ok but there should not be closing time. So you cannot come in from 2am till 6am. Not cool

Residenza Muropadri

Verona, Italy

Feels like Home :) The residence was a perfect located cozy apartment in the heart of Verona. The welcoming room and the fridge filled with food and beverages made me feel like i was arriving to my own home in Italy. Amazing experience. Thank you :)


It is a small but cozy hostel. It was really clean and the people were super nice. The location is perfect, in front of the city´s viewpoint. Also 2 blocks away from the party and the bars. Really cool. Totally worth it

Residência Pedra Antiga

Porto, Portugal

The pictures shows it as a bigger and better place. Actually it is pretty small. You will have to be very patient with the old mister in reception. He is very slow on any request. Any!!!