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Hakone Tent

Hakone, Japan

Nice stuff. Seemed like a busy sociable place. Stayed in traditional Japanese-style dorms. The onsen (hot spring bath) is lovely, but can be difficult to find it available. Hostel looks a bit shabby from the outside, but the bar/lounge area is very nice. Located very close to Gora station.

Khaosan Tokyo Origami

Tokyo, Japan

Located in a nice area, but hard to reach other areas of Tokyo. Staff were nice- they let us leave our bags over the weekend whilst we climbed Fuji. Kitchen lounge area is nice, and people were socialising there. Room was fine. You can't use the stairs, so the single elevator can get congested.

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Hi, how are you ? thank you for your comments. The fact that we cannot use upstairs may make you annoyed. But, it is for only emergency. We have to think about it. We enjoyed the great time with you. Did you enjoy Mt. fuji ?


Basically a hotel, and fantastic for the price. The room has a toilet, but washing is in the basement with communal baths, which were brilliant. Excellent location, next to a subway station and a very lively area. No hostel atmosphere or chance to meet people.

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Thank you for staying with us. We look forward to seeing you next time.


Located close to Kyoto station, but can be far from the sites. Staff OK. Room was fine. Buffet breakfast is quite expensive. Kitchen and lounge very nice. Good hostel for meeting people. Feels like a generic large hostel though, with no special Japanese atmosphere.


Located very close to the sights, but it's a fair walk from the JR station. Staff were friendly. The traditional old house was quite atmospheric, with a lovely central garden.

Matsumoto Backpackers

Matsumoto, Japan

Great location between the station and the castle. Hostel is a converted house, so quite cramped, but the rooms are big and japanese-style. Staff were fine.

Oak Hostel Zen

Tokyo, Japan

Lovely double room ensuite for a good price. Excellent location next to the Yamanote line (free with JR pass). Staff were OK. Not a very lively atmosphere, which was fine for us. Kitchen looked good.

Hostel Santantao

Evora, Portugal

Lovely little place on the main square. The owner was delightful. Breakfast is quite basic, and was noisy for us as people were seated outside of our room. This is my only real complaint though, and otherwise would highly recommend it.

Home Lisbon Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

Very well run hostel. Good for young sociable people, especially with the Mama's dinner (includes free booze) and pub crawl. Less good if you want a quiet night with a spouse. Strange layout in a block of flats, with reception on 2nd floor & rooms on 4th. Very good location in city centre. Staff friendly.

Grande Hostel de Coimbra

Coimbra, Portugal

Charming little place, with very friendly staff. Double room was spacious and comfortable and quite cheap. Location is a bit of a walk from the train station, but otherwise fairly close to the sights. Not the best place to meet people, but was fine for us.

Tattva Design Hostel

Porto, Portugal

Not quite as nice as the photos suggest. Great location next to the train station, with great free breakfast (make your own pancakes). The beds are wonderful, with curtains and lockers underneath (no need for your own padlock), & and the en-suite dorm bathroom was also very good. The shower felt like being under a waterfall. The hostel seems to offer numerous expensive trips. The area isn't very nice, and the staff didn't seem anything special. Not quite as good as the ratings suggest.


Although very cheap, it's not worth it! The hostel is filthy and smelly, the rooms horrible with terrible pillows and mattresses. The staff were okay, though not overly friendly, and the location is fine, with Essaouira being pretty small. It was the kind of place where you don't want to touch anything, and was not a good night's sleep!

Hotel MarMar

Ouarzazate, Morocco

A lovely little hotel, though on the pricey side for Morocco. However the owner & his brother are lovely, giving good advice and not over-selling their own companies to us at all. They do like to play a good practical joke on you! They'll give you a fan for the room if you ask, and breakfast is included. The location is close to the bus station, but quite a walk from the town centre.

Hotel Riad Idrissi

Meknes, Morocco

A fairly simple B&B, but set in a gorgeous building, with fairly friendly staff (though only the owner speaks english). Breakfast is included, with fans in the rooms, but dinner is pretty expensive. Considering Meknes isn't as popular as other cities, it feels fairly overpriced. A comfortable stay though if your budget isn't too tight.

Funky Fes

Fez, Morocco

Located in the medina, tough a little walk from the sights, funky fes is a fairly safe bet as a hostel. staff are friendly, There's a large terrace and communal area. The rooms are fairly basic. Lots of activities, trips and meals are available, but really on the expensive side, as are the rooms themselves. Overall a great place, just trying to squeeze a bit too much money out of you

Riad Baraka

Chefchaouen, Morocco

This place is gorgeous, with unbelievable views from the terrace, and very clean well-kept rooms. I can see what people mean with the owners seeming rude, especially the lady, but when you get her son talking he has a wealth of knowledge about morocco and was pretty helpful. not the cheapest place you'll find in morocco, and breakfast isn't included, but a lovely place for a more comfortable stay than a hostel. Also, chefchaeouen is amazing!

Tangier Melting Pot Hostel

Tangier, Morocco

Fairly good place in the heart of the medina with good facilities. The price isn't worth it though, especially as there's not much to see in Tangier

PLUS Florence

Florence, Italy

Massive hostel which is well run, clean and efficient. However, there is little character, it's too big to meet people really, and the noise from the bar at night is horrendous. Location fairly good, being close to the station


Rome, Italy

Nice place, great for meeting people and friendly owners. The kitchen especially could use more cleaning though, and a number of people were angry that 8 of us got crammed into what was supposed to be a 6 bed room.

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yes, i'm sorry dude that was only for a day