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Big Fish Budapest Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

nice small hostel with a nice atmospere

Feel Hostels Soho Malaga

Malaga, Spain

Hostel had ok facilities and nice atmosphere . New building is much nicer , and they also charge an extra 1.50 compulsory for breakfast which was a bit strange. I didn't have the breakfast but heard it was basic . Nice people at the hostel made it a nice stay

El Granado

Granada, Spain

Nice hostel with a cosy and friendly atmosphere . The facilities were all nice and modern but only complaint is that te hot water was not very reliable . Some people took cold showers when I was there and my shower seemed to be switching between scorching hot or freezing cold .. I couldn't seem to get the temperature to stay at the right spot . It was cold and windy when I was there but hopefully they will sort it out for those cold days!

Granada Inn Backpackers

Granada, Spain

Facilities and building were immaculate .. Really nice but I felt the hostel was lacking a bit on atmosphere because the outdoor common area was just too cold to stay in .. Apart from that the hostel was amazing!

Hostel Pangea

San Jose, Costa Rica

Really nice big hostal and good clean facilities . The music was a bit loud at night but I still managed to sleep through it, maybe bring earplugs if you are a light sleeper and you want to go to bed really early (I think they stop music at 12) . Overall I think it was a nice hostal and good location close to a lot of shops

Swiss Hostal Martinik

Bogota, Colombia

clean hostel but lacked social atmosphere when I was there. Also at checkout, girl overcharged me and it took a 15 minute conversation to explain it her why it was wrong because she just kept shouting at me and being extremely rude. Even when it was clear that I had been overcharged , she proceeded to still have a go at me for some reason .. rather than just admitting she had made a small mistake, bizarre! However the english guy working there was really nice and helpful so thank god for him!

Yangshuo Showbiz Hostel

Yangshuo, China

Nice hostel with good clean beds and the bar got fairly busy in the weekend but not too crazy. Great location, near shops and views from bar were lovely. Cons - bathrooms were small and the night time staff , a man, was really rude when we were watching films, was speaking really loudly on his phone so we couldn't hear the movie and he basically just wanted us to leave so he could sleep on the couch . Apart from that, a good experience

Wada Hostel in Guilin

Guilin, China

Only stayed for one night but got a good impression . Funky decor and bar and near lots of food stalls and shops . Dorm was a little small but beds were comfy!

Mama Naxi`s Guesthouse

Lijiang, China

Hostel is in a great location, in the centre of old town , no point in staying in new town. Hostel patio and gardens were stunning, however dorm I stayed in was really cramped,it should have been a four bed , not six bed. Mamas evening meals were delicious but the general customer service was a little weird and rude at times. Buses to tiger gorge were good value but booking plane and train was a bit overpriced and they seemed to give prices randomly... Mixed review with place ....


Loved the character and atmosphere of the hostel . It has a nice sociable area and was a good place to meet people. The food on the menu was great and reasonably priced as well. Drinks were a little on the expensive side. Booked a couple of tours and received good advice from tour staff there. The beds have curtains on them for privacy which is also a nice bonus :)

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We are glad that you enjoyed staying at our place, we hope to have you stay with us again in near future:) Best regards,

Han Tang House

Xi'an, China

very nice dorms, showers, comfy beds, its value for money. however, staff are unfriendly, especially the woman, and when I was booking train tickets , they first said that there were no tickets available without even speaking to anyone or looking online anywhere, very bizzare. when they finally did look online, there were actually seats available, and they charged 40 yuan com. the location is ok .. and atmosphere was average. Overall hostel was nice , service could be better

Sanlitun Youth Hostel

Beijing, China

very nice hostel, good location and atmosphere, met some nice people in the bar。。。。。 however bar and food was quite overpriced and the wifi didnt work very well when it was busy。。 apart from that it was mostly good!

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Thank you for stay at our hostel, wish you a good time. Regards

Footprints Hostel

Singapore, Singapore

Good hostel and good value for money , they have air con only at night time I dont think you really need it during the day unless you plan to stay in your room the whole day ... bathrooms were big and spacious... the TV room was a bit small and right by reception which was ok but not the best place .. also in a nice location, near many restaurants and 10 mins from metro

Bounce Sydney

Sydney, Australia

Nice hostel although I think it's over priced , but good location , right next to central station

Dreamtime Travellers Rest

Cairns, Australia

This hostel was a really cosy , nice hostel , but slightly on the expensive side... bedrooms were nice but you had to pay for the air con ... the reception closed during nighttime and afternoon time which was an inconvenience but the hostel itself is very nice .. personally i would want something in a slightly better location as well but it wasn't too far to walk

Milhouse Avenue

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Good clean big party hostel .. Met a lot of nice people and had fun ! Although they should have more cooking equipment in kitchen especially considering there was not much of a food menu and the cook was rarely around .. Plus should really train the staff to actually know the city, was given incorrect info a couple times and it was especially bad with a couple of the male staff who were more interested I'm chatting girls up when they just wanted a simple answer to a simple question !