Reviews: Anonymous

AAE Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara, USA

Room wasn't very clean, it was small and did not match with the high price that was charged. The location was also terrible and wasn't close to anything we could walk to.

Cinque Terre Holidays

Cinque Terre, Italy

Room smelled awful all the time. No lockers. Possibly could have gotten bed bugs from this place (which has nothing to do with cleanliness) but did add to make our stay here not as enjoyable.


nice 3 bedroom! nice balcony! very great atmosphere and seemed clean! great location!


The woman named Audrey who worked at the front desk was very cold, unwelcoming, and unfriendly. While we were trying to check in she was talking on the phone and talking to friends while smoking. She was a little passive aggressive and rude. The other staff,however, were very welcoming and friendly. The air conditioner in our room was broken and was leaking everywhere on the floor. Our room smelled awful, like sulfur. Lastly, there is a bar on top of the hostel which made it very loud and noisy