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Lovely hostel, just in front of the station.

Tabicolle Backpackers

Fukuoka City, Japan

Top hotel!!! We also celebrated the Setsubun day together, with Maki the staff prepared to us. It was just a super experience! Thanks to the very friendly staff!!!

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Thank you for your stay. We enjoyed our historical event together. We had Ehoumaki which is a kind of Sushi staff and Mamemaki which is throwing beans. Thank you for joining us and having fun together.

Hotel Sunline Fukuoka

Fukuoka City, Japan

We didn't liked as they tried to trick us: We had a problem with reservation when we arrived. After this, the hotel told us they only have a bigger room left, much more expensive (13 000 yen). As we checked then for other hotel on the internet (, we actually found the room previously booked, still available, but for much cheaper. We showed it to Sunline Hotel and they finally accepted us to stay in the cheaper room. Also, internet isn't free. Appart from this, it's clean and confortable

Guest House Kaine

Fukuoka City, Japan

A bit disappointing. For 2500 yen, I stayed in the smallest dormitory I ever seen in Japan, after 4 months of travel. The dorm room is so narrow that the people on the back have to walk over the other if they want to go out. Besides, I struggled to take my luggage upstairs as the stair is very narrow too. Apart from that, nice place, good style and convenient. So, dear Guesthouse Kaine, your hostel is really good, but please adapt you price to the market (Tabicolle, etc…).


Brilliant hostel, I enjoy my stay at K's very much. The first evening I arrived, there were a friendly dinner with everybody, it was very nice. Thank you to all the team from K's!!

Hotel Mikado

Osaka, Japan

Not the best atmosphere ever at that time (but it depend, might be better next time), but confortable and friendly staff. Especially, having a single room of this quality for this price in Japan is very rare!! Good!

Arcadia Hostel

Medellin, Colombia

If this hostal isn't yet in all the touristic guide books like Lonely Planet, it's just because it's quite new!! I really felt comfortable during my stay. Dorm rooms are nice and convenient, bathrooms are clean, internet is quick and the overall hostal have a good atmosphere. Most important, the staff is very friendly and always comes with new ideas about food, decoration, party etc. to make it more than just a place to sleep!