Reviews: Anonymous


Lots of hostels have "nice" staff. But this one has nice AND cool staff. They were seriously cool people that made it fun to hang out in the lobby and meet other travelers. Other than that and the great location, the hostel was mediocre. But not any worse than you'd expect for the price. If you're like me and just need a place to crash and meet people for as cheap as possible, this hostel is your best bet.

Dasol Livingtel

Seoul, South Korea

When I first arrived at my check-in time, nobody was at the front office. Not knowing Korean, I couldn't read any signs so I didn't know what to do. I left and came back, not knowing if I was in the right place, or if I had made a mistake. However, after I met a staff member, everything else was wonderful. All the staff was very nice, and I had everything I need. The room was small, but if you're a young guy just looking for a place to sleep, it's totally worth the cheap price. Thanks!