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Great hostel in San Miguel with an amazing view of Flores from the bar. The dorms are airy cabins on stilts. A very peaceful, quiet hostel. Be advised though that the hostel is a short walk and boat ride (5Q or about 65 cents US) to the town itself. What really makes this place great though is the owner Neil who is very accommodating and works very hard to provide good service. Definitely a place I'd recommend for someone wanting a more peaceful hostel neat Flores/Tikal.

Hostel Fe

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

I stayed in the large dorm room which is right beside the bar this of course means noise til pretty late at night. The great thing is the room is literally a meter from the lake. You can jump in and swim over to the ladder.

Jordan Tower Hostel

Amman, Jordan

Good hostel. Great location in the city center. Extremely helpful staff. Only complaint is the hostel could use more bathrooms. Overall though wonderful place to stay.

Hagallile Hostel

Tiberias, Israel

The facilities are pretty spartan, even by hostel standards but the staff was amazing and helpful. Located close to the promenade. Overall a good place to stay.

Abraham Hostel Jerusalem

Jerusalem, Israel

Good facilities, great location. The Shabbat dinner is a nice touch. Has lots of ammenities.

Dahab Dorms

Dahab, Egypt

An amazing place to stay in Dahab. The Dorms are really a flat across from the hotel with two four person dorms. En suite kitchen, bathroom, and common area. Close walk to beach and promenade. Best part is dorm guests get to use the resort facilities pool, gym, free breakfast, etc. Also there is no charge for the room if you scuba dive with the resports dive club (which I highly recommend)

King Tut Hostel

Cairo, Egypt

Not a youth hostel just a cheap (not in a good way) hotel. Located in a rundown building (only one of three elevators worked and their were piles of trash in the stairwell. There were bug in my room, no toilet paper in the bathroom, and it smelled pretty bad. I cannot recommend this place to anyone.

Bahaus Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

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HomeBase Melville

Johannesburg, South Africa

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