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Just about everything you could ask for in a hostel. Although a moderate walk up-hill from local transit, the hostel is in a beautiful area of the city with a view of Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz that can't be beat. Secure, clean, friendly and helpful staff, good opportunities to socialize, I'll definitely be staying here again.

David Inn

Florence, Italy

David Inn was one of my favorite hostels I've stayed in. Very close to the Duomo, ridiculously close to the Academia Gallery and the David. Very quiet place with a kitchen. Only one bathroom with a shower, but with only about 9 people staying there, it was never an issue. My room had 6 beds and a separate room with cable TV, couches, and chairs. I would absolutely reccomend this hostel to anyone looking for a simple, quiet place to base your trip to Florence from.


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M&J Hostel

Rome, Italy

Stayed for 4 nights. Wi-Fi was "free," but it wasn't (currently) available in the hostel itself - had to access it through the bar next door (who insisted that you buy something). I did fine without constant internet access, but could have been annoying if you can't "unplug." Great staff, very helpful/fun. The location was great - brief walk from Termini, easy to find. Was hoping for a better common area so the guests could mingle a bit more. Recommended for the cost, staff, and location.