Reviews: Anonymous


It's a huge place--300 beds, all full when my friend and I were staying in a two-person room. There was never a line for the shared bathroom facilities, and breakfast (included in private rooms) was plentiful. The hostel has plenty of outings and side trips available to visitors--I wish we had known this ahead of time so we could have taken advantage of them rather than make our own, more expensive, bookings. The room was not air conditioned, but nights were cool and open windows sufficed.

The Clarence Park

Toronto, Canada

I splurged and stayed in the private ensuite room for two nights. The room was adequate, if tiny and windowless. The bathroom was very nice. I just wish the door had been more solid; there was a grill in the bottom of it that let in all the noise from the common area. And for the price, breakfast should be included.

Hotel Queen Anne

Brussels, Belgium

The hotel is bright, with small but clean rooms (and BBC channels, to my excitement). A short walk to the Brussels Nord station and to the center of town. The free breakfast was plentiful (try to sugary Belgian bread), if waffle-less.