Reviews: carlosarepa6861

Location: Mexico, Gender: Male, Age: 23

Brussels 2GO4 Quality Hostel

Brussels, Belgium

If you are visiting Brussels, this is the place to stay!!! The hostel itself is really nice, though it looks like a maze when you come back drunk at night! Staff was really nice, they gave me beer for free, and had the opportunity to meet really nice people! Definitely recommended!

Luxembourg City Hostel

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

The prices are OK, especially being it the only hostel in the whole city of Luxembourg. There is a cafeteria where to have a snack or a beer, there are ping-pong tables outside and the terrace is really nice! Staff was average. There is internet only on the ground floor, but not in the rooms.

Five Elements Hostel Frankfurt

Frankfurt, Germany

Although the area is not the most convenient to run a hostel, the place itself is great! Amazing staff, great atmosphere and really nice activities everyday!!! If Frankfurt doesn't convince you to stay longer, this hostel does!

A&O Dresden Hauptbahnhof

Dresden, Germany

The internet is the only problem on the hostel, that you have to be in reception to get it for free or you have to pay to have it in your room. But the hostel was nice indeed, I didn't actually need the internet. The staff was nice too, but also, since it is a hotel as well, there is not much atmosphere in the place.

Grampa's Hostel

Wroclaw, Poland

I liked the hostel! It's really nice and very close to both the tram station and the highlights of the city. The hostel has many facilities, and especially the common room was great!


The hostel was really nice! They welcomed me with a free beer, so that's great! =) Atmosphere was good, especially with the pub crawl I had the opportunity to meet lots of great people!


There is no atmosphere at all. The place is clean but, oh my god, I had a terrible experience there. Some staff members are nice, some are not. The beds on top have no stairs to walk up so you will have to wake up the person who is sleeping down (or if you are sleeping down, you'll be waken up every time the person sleeping on top wants to go up to their bed). The place is run almost entirely by south asian immigrants so don't expect good english or italian, and expect no tips from them.


Rome, Italy

The staff was not really caring about guests, but that's everything bad. Everything else was really good about the hostel, I liked it really much.

St Christopher's Village

London, England

The hostel is easily reachable by tube, so it's not difficult to get there. It has a nice environment, and the roof terrace is really nice. Staff is nice as well!. Bad things: There was a mouse in the room, which we saw on a japanese guy's luggage. Also, there was some police operation in the hostel the night I stayed there, I don't know what happened.

Montenegro Hostel

Kotor, Montenegro

The hostel is really good, and also really cheap! And the location is actually very comfortable as well, just in the middle of the Old Town and a 10 min walk from the main bus station. You have pizza, restaurants, mini market and more things in the same street! And mainly, the staff is really nice and polite, and disposed to help you with everything, especially Dijana, who actually helped me with some stuff ^^