Reviews: jsbader9864

Location: USA, Gender: Male, Age: 36

This place was terrific!

Fabrizzio's Petit

Barcelona, Spain

This place was good and the owner was very helpful. The only problem was that I had an early flight and the other people staying there were quite loud till after midnight. Other than that, I highly recommend this place.

Hostel Aleje 28

Krakow, Poland

This place was great. It was a 15-20 walk from the city center and it was very quiet (which is what I prefer in a hostel). The place was very clean, and the beds were very comfortable. I had to leave at 4am for an early flight and the owner made me a sandwich since I wouldn't be able to eat the free breakfast at the normal time. I highly recommend!


The location of this place was great. The staff made excellent recommendations on tours and things like that. Because it is in the city center and I stayed on the 1st floor, there was a lot of street noise, but nothing abnormal.

The Loft Hostel Budapest

Budapest, Hungary

This place was great. There is construction going on so it took a little while to find but it was worth it. The staff sits down and shows you Budapest highlights and options when you get there. There were also very helpful when the lock broke on my locker and my stuff got locked in (my lock not theirs). They found a hacksaw for me to get it off. It's in a quiet area (which I like) and is close to most of the main points of Budapest.

Niriis Hotel

Chania, Greece

This place was great, especially for a budget hotel. It was the best value of any place I have travelled in Europe. What really set this place apart was the exceptional customer service from the manager, George. Even though I arrived around midnight, he helped me plan my 3 day trip when I arrived. Before I arrived he, was also very prompt in answering questions by email.


This was a pretty decent place. My window overlooked the trainstation (about 50 feet away). The only problem I had was that the wi-fi only worked about half the time I was there. I was out exploring most of the time so it didn't matter too much anyway. I found it nice that when I needed to print vouchers for a tour I had booked, I just emailed them the voucher and they printed it for me without charging me.

Hostel Pisa Tower

Pisa, Italy

You can't get a better location in Pisa than at this place. The tower was right in front of my face when I stuck my head out the window. The only slight problem was that there were only 2 bathrooms. There were signs up explaining that more could not be added due to the construction style of the house (or something like that). Everything else was great.


I stayed here one night because I flew in late and I thought it was close to the airport. It was around 11 at night and I got lost, so it probably seemed to be farther from the airport that it really was. I ran into the manager while looking for it (he could easily tell I was lost) and he showed me where to go and checked me in. This place is very close to the train station but a bit of walk to the tourist sights. Good value for the price though.

Hostel Prague Tyn

Prague, Czech Republic

This place was great. The location was wonderful (close to the square and the astronomical clock). The staff was very helpful regarding advice on activities and interesting places to eat.

Amsterdam Hotelboat

Amsterdam, Netherlands

This place was great. I was by myself so I booked two beds (my own cabin), but the price was still reasonable (especially for Amsterdam). The staff was very helpful. Staying on the Hotelboat was a unique and enjoyable experience I would recommend to anyone!

Caledonian Backpackers

Edinburgh, Scotland

This place was decent, but when I first checked in there was someone sleeping in my assigned bed and that first night there were tons of drunk people treating the whole place like it was a giant house party (people passed out in the halls, bathroom a complete mess). The second night I was there, the "kids" had either learned how to handle their liquor or had moved on elsewhere.