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Sleeping Inn Backpackers

Surfers Paradise, Australia

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Newton Lodge

Auckland, New Zealand

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Rock Solid Backpackers Rotorua NZ

Rotorua, New Zealand

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About a 20 minute walk to city center. Leah and danny are amazing people who go out of the way for you. They offered me to join them for dinner and a night out. One of the best statf ever. Hostel is small so you might not meet S many people but its very personable.

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Greetings & Thank you for your comment! : ) 1. The hostel has 1 Dorm with 6 beds & 5 private Rooms. 2. We exist in 4 Historic Cottages: Cottage 1 has 2 private rooms; Cottage 2 has a 6 bed dorm; Cottage 3 has 1 private room plus the reception / staff house; Cottage 4 has 2 private rooms. 3. We can accommodate up to 18 guests at one time :) 4. Our Mission: Cooperation & Community Are Our Highest Values Here At Friends House Hostel. With those values in mind, Reciprocity is Crucial. Here Are Some Ways Guests Can Participate In Our Reciprocity Project: We Offer Coffee * Guests Donate Milk or Cream. We Offer A Bread Basket & Toaster * Guests Donate Bread, Butter or Jam. We Offer Tea * Guests Donate Sugar, Agave or Honey. We Offer Customized Maps With Friendly Hosts Giving Helpful Directions; In Return, * Guests Offer Help To Others. We Provide A Smoking Area * Guests Who Smoke Empty The Ash Trays. We Provide Free Wi-Fi & A Free Computer For Guests Use * Guests Ask Themselves What They Can Freely Offer. Perhaps share Your I-PAD*!* An Attitude of Gratitude is Paramount. What Will You Give Today? Here's Even More Information About Who We Are: ) We are a HOSTEL who cater to guests who enjoy a CO-OP living atmosphere. We expect you to do your part & contribute to the upkeep of the hostel which is how we keep guest prices low. ) We expect you to recycle your clean paper & plastic, compost your fruit & vegetable waste, plus conserve water & energy between 1pm-4pm. When you cook, we expect you to clean your dishes, pots & pans, as well as the stove top too. And even when you check out, we have a few final check-out duties that we give you @ check in to read over. We exist in the HISTORIC district, so if old homes turn you off you - even just a little bit, you might want to choose a different space to be hosted. Danny, a former electrical engineer & Leah, former high school English & Speech teacher enjoy teaching travelers how to make the most of their time & money while they're in Houston. Leah is a native Houstonian & knows many of the off-the-beaten-path hidden treasures! Danny teaches a FREE self-awareness class @ the hostel, & as a military intelligence officer in the Army, trust me he'll teach you some very COOL moves! Plus he LOVES to share his knowledge. Ask him about the C241*!* We're very close to Downtown Houston, just a 15 minute walk & 5 minute drive. You won't need a car because our hostel in very close to public transportation. We're Exist In An Excellent Location! We're Very Close to Amtrak, Greyhound & All Local Public Transportation Buses & Trains. Staying @ Friends House Hostel feels very similar to staying @ friends or family. The hostel looks just like a house; in fact, we are located in an early 20th century 4-Plex Cottage once occupied by early railroad workers. Our atmosphere is very informal & laid-back. We'll provide you with a personable & memorable experience while you share space with other domestic & international travelers from all over the whole wide world! * )♥☺ Most travelers find our neighborhood charming b/c of it's historic atmosphere & look. However, If you prefer new neighborhoods & new buildings, then you probably would not be happy @ our hostel. We exist in a protected historic district which means that some of the homes here look distressed b/c it's against the law to tear them down & build new homes, in order to preserve the historic integrity. Our 33-acre protected district contains the highest concentration of historic homes in Houston, many dating back to the late 19th century. The neighborhood has been listed in the National Register of Historic Places since 1978. It's a unique place. Only 15 minutes walk to Downtown & 5 minutes to Washington ave, where new bars, restaurants & cafes are opening up what seems like every weekend. Washington Ave. is the most historic street in Houston that leads directly in to downtown. It's going through a revitalization & many of the older buildings are being re-purposed. All guests share kitchens & bathrooms. Yet, If you enjoy communal living then you would probably feel right @ home.☺


You have to walk about 15-20 minutes to the bus stop if you are trying to get to the airport (or if you are coming from the airport). The local bus that takes you around the beach area is pretty much across the street. Some of the staff was helpful in knowing when the buses ran, places to see and do...and the other half seemed not too helpful and were sort of unprofessional- kind of brushing off questions. The dorm comes with a kitchen area. The ktichen was ok for cleanliness.

KEX Hostel

Reykjavik, Iceland

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Greg & Tom Hostel

Krakow, Poland

This is probably one of the top 2-3 hostels I stayed at during my 3 month Euro trip. Free breakfast AND dinner! The place feels very home-like which was nice. Location is great, right across the street from the train station. The staff are super friendly (ADAM---you are so awesome and kickass and kind). This hostel is the better Greg and least you can get sleep here!

Palmers Lodge Zagreb

Zagreb, Croatia

About 15 minute walk from city center, tucked away in an alley. Cute hostel- chill staff for the most part and very helpful.

Celica Art Hostel

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Located near the train station, but it was a pain to try to find in a small alleyway when it was dark outside. Kind staff and nice atmosphere.

The Yellow

Rome, Italy

kinda pricey, but again..its Italy. theres no common room so everyone hangs and socializes in the bar downstairs. Its near the train station but it takes a while to walk to the sight seeing sites. Staff was ok..not mean but not friendly.

Florida Hostel & Hotel

Sorrento, Italy

Its about a 15 minute walk from the city center. And takes quite a while to get to the ferry if you plan to go to Capri Island or other places. This place is a hotel, but with some rooms having bunk beds in them (aka those are hostel rooms), so dont expect extra facilities suchas kitchen but you can order food from their restaurant. they have happy hour as well. Staff was ok, not mean but not friendly either. There are ants for sure but the maids try to clean them up.

Home Lisbon Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

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Yes! Porto Hostel

Porto, Portugal

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360 Hostel Malasaña

Madrid, Spain

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Sant Jordi Sagrada Familia

Barcelona, Spain

Clean, nice, good staff, etc. There were activities they set up and such but it was kind of hard as a soilo traveler connecting and meeting with others since I guess the time I went, a lot of them were in groups or couples. So, oh well. The vibe was ok, just didn´t surpass a couple of other hostels Ive been in.


Note: no kitchen or fridge and to use the comptuer its 3.50 Euros per hour:( This was where I met the most group of awesome ppl compared to all the others Ive stayed at. Its easy to meet ppl in the common room or bar/restaurant area. Hostels a bit pricey.

Aivengo Hostel

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Note- no kitchen or common room. You are just in your dorm room of 10 or 20 people.Most people who stay were in grops so its harder for solo travelres to make friends. Most come to drink and smoke, so dont be suprised if people come in late at night loud and not caring on whether they bug you or not. Its Amsterdam after all.. For security, theres a guy that chills at the front desk and the front door to the hostel is left open until 4am just fyi.

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Dear customer, thanks for your comment. Please note that all rooms has access to basic kitchen facilities incl microwave, fridge, w.boiler, etc.

2GO4 Quality Hostel

Brussels, Belgium

Just another hostel- nothing special. It has only 1 computer for everyone to use, which was usually occupied by someone. The man in the front was pretty cold and kind of unfriendly when checking in. The way the hostel is set up, it was more of a quiet vibe, versus others I´´ve been in. So it´ wasnt as easy to meet people., Overall just average and a bit bland.

Caledonian Backpackers

Edinburgh, Scotland

It was my first hostel ever and I´´m so glad I chose it. It had breakfast, luggage storage, computers to use, free internet, and most importantly, it was easy to meet people (ie. kitchen dring dinner time, common room, bar). The people I met there set such a good tone for the rest of my trip. So far, its been hard trying to get a hostel with a good warvibe as this place. m


It was more like a suite-style dorm. My room had 3 beds, not the 8-16 beds in a typical hostel. Not much of social interaction between people in different rooms, but most ppl are out and about during the day sightseeing anyways. It was clean, not super clean, but clean. Average ok place. Nothing great, nothing bad.