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Location: USA, Gender: Female, Age: 29

Very clean, friendly. Wish the back yard was open!


If you have difficulty sleeping through noise, do not stay here. The way the rooms are laid out, you hear everything that others say and do. Even if your roomie doesn't snore, the guy 4 rooms down might still keep you up. If noise is not an issue, this is a great place! Amazing staff, value for the cost, and the atmosphere is great. The common area is really nice. The bathrooms are always clean and there are plenty of showers and plenty of hot water, even at peak times.

Hostel Siriri

Panama City, Panama

There is no security at this hostel. The staff was rude and unhelpful. It was a major battle to get them to help me find a grocery store. The best things about this property by far is the common areas. There is A/C in the rooms, but the bathrooms were never clean and the shower never had luke-warm water, let alone hot water. Considering that this was in the largest city in the country, this was not a very good place to stay for more than a night or two.

Casa del Toro Bocas

Bocas del Toro, Panama

Super close to the airport, bank, and main drag of town, this was a nice quiet place. They had A/C, filtered water, and hot showers...what more could a girl need?


B Hotel and Hostel is definitely clean and secure. They lounge area is separate and spacious, and their staff are friendly and very kind. Location: It's not in the super fashionable area of Brooklyn known as Williamsburg, but the good stuff is a 10-15 minute walk away. Manhattan is one subway stop away, and the hostel is a 2 minute walk from the station. The Achilles Heel? The walls separating rooms are unfinished, so noise is a problem if you want to sleep in. But they provide earplugs...

Hostel Tallinn

Tallinn, Estonia

When booking, I knew that this was a bit off the main trek, but it looked like a solid that I could deal with. The staff was non existent and unfriendly, which was a major drag. The bathrooms were clean, but that was about all they had going for them.

Seagulls Garret Hostel

Riga, Latvia

Book this hostel now. Because it is amazing. The staff were great. Like, beyond great. You could really tell that they actually enjoyed their jobs! The location may seem so-so, but it is actually the best. It is on the outskirts of the tourist centric Old Town, all of the major sights are in walking distance--what makes it better, though, is that they are also right by a major bus line to the airport and the main bus/train station. Which is great for not having to schlep your stuff too far.

Hostel Jamaika

Vilnius, Lithuania

Great staff, great location--near the train and bus station, but also right at the edge of Old Town. The free bike rentals and free laundry sent me over the moon! I cannot stress enough how helpful, kind, patient, and fun the staff was. Great place to stay!


Berlin, Germany

Tucked away in a little neighborhood, the staff is amazing! The cuisine nearby is great, and walking distance to public transit makes for a great stay. And breakfast was delicious.

Northfields Hostel

London, England

I stayed here to be close to the airport for an early flight. It took 45 minutes to get me checked in (I'd booked well in advance). The facilities are not clean, and the building is basically sketchy. There is no other word for it. If you just need a place to crash for one night, it works out fine, but if you're going to see London, cough up the extra cash for a better place.


Cardiff, Wales

This was a great place to crash--close to the train station, but also close to the main drag, great food, and great night life. I loved the friendly staff, and the beer was well priced.

Hospedaje Pumacurco

Cusco, Peru

I booked 3 nights in a private room. I had to move rooms every night, once to a 3-bed dorm. If you are allergic to dogs, do not stay here: the sheets, towels and air are infected with dog hair. The staff was kind enough, but not very helpful and simply shrugged and laughed when asked a question. No one there speaks English, which would not be a problem if they were organized. There was no water 2 mornings. I do not mean no hot water: I couldn't wash my hands after using the toilet.

Ecopackers Machupicchu

Machu Picchu, Peru

Okay, so the security is not amazing, but you are in a safe Aguas Calientes. The staff was very friendly and handled a mis-communication well. I would definitely stay here again, as you are close to the bus station for Machu Picchu. I recommend asking them to meet you at the train, as the streets are a bit winding.

Sumac Chaska Hostel

Ollantaytambo, Peru

Okay, so you have to mess with the shower to get hot water, but that is literally the only downside. I loved the atmosphere and staff! Marie is just lovely and grandma makes a delicious breakfast. The location is lovely and if you have any questions, they are happy to help.

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Thank you for your review, it was a pleasure to have you here.


It is very awkward that the only showers for the whole floor are in someone else's room. The security was lax and the facilities were subpar. The staff was great, though. The airport transfer is overpriced.

Miami Hostel

Miami, USA

Some of the workers are great, some are not so great. The food and cleaning staff were amazing.

Victoria Hotel Backpackers

Melbourne, Australia

I knew going in that this was in a not so nice part of town and probably cheap because of lower standards. The hostel has no early check-out policy, and at check-in I asked when check out started. She said 7 or 8 am. I tried to check out a little after 8--after finding the bar and main areas locked, knocking loudly, trying to find the cleaning woman who lived in one of the rooms, and calling the owner, I left my keys. I emailed the owner about the key location/deposit. No answer for 11 days now.

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Hi Karen, We are yet to receive an email from you. The check in and check out detail are clearly stated on our site and we do have facility's to refund the deposit. All you have to do is ask. It's budget accommodation that's $20 per night that is in a very popular part of town. Unfortunately we can't afford to have someone on reception 24 hours a day with such a low price. I don't see how this review achieves anything. Regards

Adventurer Hostel

Los Angeles, USA

The air conditioner in our room broke. Actually, the entire power outlet fried. When I informed the front desk they were very rude and dismissive. The 24 hour airport shuttle was the saving grace of this accommodation. The neighborhood is not good. The bar and restaurant staff were great. Very polite, very patient, very quick to get food out.


Excellent location and facilities with a friendly staff. I would not hesitate to recommend this hostel to friends.

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hello cheers !! 100 % !! thank you, good to hear you had a great time at the jacques brel HI hostel good luck for your future travels best regards phil

Hostelle - Female Only Hostel

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The hostel was really out of the way. The rooms were cute, but the bathrooms were kind of gross.

Astor Victoria

London, England

The staff were excellent and very helpful. The showers were a bit dirty, and having two toilets and a shower out of order was a bit frustrating. Overall, I enjoyed my stay.