Reviews: Anonymous

Hostel Nakamura

Kobe, Japan

A great sleep is guaranteed in the tube like modules at Hostel Nakamura. The hostel is great, and has a nice "homey" feel with a nearby mega supermarket and good cooking facilities. The staff is incredible as well, recommending many nice restaurants and things to do in Kobe. My only gripe was that they advertise accepting credit cards, but it did not say anything about the extra 3.5% fee that they will charge you.

Chan Myaye Guesthouse

Yangon, Myanmar

The staff are beyond helpful, and love to help you with anything. The rooms sound huge with some 38 people in a dorm but they are subjegated in a way that it feels like two smaller dorms instead of one big one. The personal A/C unit is not really an A/C unit, moreso a fan, which worked fine since it blows straight onto you. The deck was a great place to drink a beer at the end of the day.

Warsaw Downtown Hostel

Warsaw, Poland

The staff were out of this world, and there were some nice touches, like a free drink or two around the table to get to know your hostel friends. Very surprised how nice it was, and might be one of the best hostels I have stayed in in Europe.

Youth Hostel Meetingpoint

Amsterdam, Netherlands

You can not drink your own beer any where in this hostel, which for the budget savvy is a downfall. The downstairs area is very smokey from cigarettes and marijuana being smoked after hours when the smoking room turns into the entire bar. The cleanliness was okay, but still questionable. Basically the main reason to stay at this grungy place is its proximity to the Red Light District and train station.


Very communal hostel where it is easy to meet people. Stellar location close to the train station and Cathedral and close to the walking areas of Cologne.

City Hostel Nürnberg

Nuremberg, Germany

Was not too impressed with this place aside from the location. There was no real culture, and the staff were not very welcoming like other places we stayed in Europe. No communal area where people all got together, and no WiFi included. Clean rooms, but public areas could use some more work.

Euro Youth Hostel

Munich, Germany

A very convenient hostel with good amenities that is located next to the train station. The hostel itself was very clean and had nice beds in the rooms. We stayed in the 5 person room and were pleasantly surprised. I would call this a step above ordinary hostels, which is why it is slightly more expensive (aside from the fact that this is Munich). During Happy Hour the bar is filled with locals, showing that it has good prices with €2 beers on tap and bottles and cocktails for around €3.

Prague Square Hostel

Prague, Czech Republic

If you want a centrally located hostel that is close to the main square, this is the place. The staff is very helpful and all speak American English (for the most part). This hostel is a pretty social hostel, as we went out with the people in our rooms all of our nights. I would not recommend this place if you were looking for a quiet hostel, as the stairwell is often filled with travelers leaving for clubs. Nice amenities like WiFi throughout the hostel help to make this a good recommendation.


Dresden, Germany

Very nice 'homey' hostel that is in an old house. The kitchen and hang out facilities are superb, and have many places for people to meet and talk about their travels. The hostel is about 15 minutes away from the main sights in Dresden, but conveniently located for next to a discount grocery store. We stayed in the 4 bed mixed room that had a nice "log cabin" feel and was very cute. Nice homey hostel that is a great place to stay in Dresden.

Pfefferbett Hostel

Berlin, Germany

This hostel was wonderful. It should be considered the best of hostels as it was clean, new feeling, and had very modern amenities with a staff that was always willing to help and had great demeanor's. The communal area downstairs is great, and they do not mind if you bring your own alcohol into the area, which is sometimes rare in hostels with bars. Hands down, this was the best hostel we have stayed at in Europe.

Hostel Estoril

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Best hostel in Argentina for a reason!

City Hostel Geneva

Geneva, Switzerland

A very good place to stay for this very overpriced city. Great value, as it comes with a public transit card.