Reviews: Anonymous

On The Road Hostel

Buenos Aires, Argentina

So torn on how to write this review because of a couple issues at time of my stay (issues were addressed though), but in the end the staff are great, the location is freakin awesome in Palermo w/ great food options all price ranges, bars, clubs, etc, and its a friendly helpful vibe. If you're lookin for a cheap option in a great location in Palermo this will do it for ya!

Iguazu Falls Hostel

Puerto Iguazu, Argentina

I got my money's worth. It's a 1 block walk from bus station, but you don't feel like you're by a bus station. It has everything you need. Only a few blocks walking from where people go out if you do want to go out. Nice staff.

La Covacha Hostel

Salta, Argentina

The owners of this hostel made the stay worth it! We had some awesome rooftop dinners with everyone staying at the hostel and then all went out together a couple times and had a lot of fun. It's in a good location only a few blocks from San Martin Park and from Plaza Julio. You can also walk from the bus station or take like $2-3 cab ride.

Hostel Lao

Mendoza, Argentina

It's a good hostel to stay at in Mendoza and to meet people if you choose. It's clean, there's a good sized courtyard to chill in, also places to sit and lounge inside, just a few blocks walking distance from the bus station and from where the action is in center.

Casa Kiwi Hostel Medellin

Medellin, Colombia

After over a year of travel, this is one of the best hostels I've ever stayed at anywhere in the world. I'm not sure where the review came from or who made them, but I am glad I had 2 friends that recommended I stay at this hostel. I checked out 5 other top rated hostels while I was in Medellin and this was easily the best for everything for me. If you are looking for a super quiet hostel and don't care to meet people this may not be for you, otherwise this is the spot in Medellin for sure!

Casa de la Chicheria

Cartagena, Colombia

Great place to stay in Cartagena. A little quiet, but that's welcomed if you want to get some sleep after your interesting days and nights in Cartagena. Comfortable Mattresses and helpful staff. Would stay here again...

Luna's Castle Hostel

Panama City, Panama

If you want a great location with a serious party atmosphere this is the spot. If you want peace and quiet you need to find a different place. You can always meet people at this hostel,

Hostel Villa Vento Surf

Panama City, Panama

My stay here Location not so good, but staff was nice. In 9 months of traveling its the first time I've ever seen the only bathroom for dorm floor without a toilet seat. Also the hot water was very iffy with a nozzle that was about to fall off (maybe these items have been fixed?). Stay in Casco Viejo unless you really want to be in the new city for some specific reason.