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Koa Wood Hale

Kailua-Kona, USA

This was a pleasant little hostel that made for a good stopover before we headed out to camp elsewhere on the island. The staff were nice and helpful, and the location was perfect for our purposes. You definitely can't beat the price either, in a place like this. The beds were awesome (surprisingly comfy for a hostel) but some of the bathroom and kitchen facilities were on the dingy side. Nothing too scary, but still. And security was pretty lax-- I slept with my pack, just for good measure.

The Old Swan Barracks

Perth, Australia

This was a big hostel nicely located in a historical building. It is clearly a large operation, though, so there are some things that fall through the cracks. The rooms lock but are kept open. The keys and locks are only available with a large deposit. It was chilly at night and my bed had no blanket (though it was meant to). Rules about mess, alcohol, quiet hours, etc, are not enforced. "Conditions apply" to wifi use and the charge for computers is huge. Not too bad, but overall disappointing.

Wombat Backpackers

Perth, Australia

Very good hostel! We paid for bunks in a large dorm, but when there wasn't space available, we were upgraded to a private twin for free! Awesome! Good location-- close to the main drag but not too close. Free wifi- always a happy thing. Nice kitchen and cool cookware scheme! Also, we were treated to a free barbecue! Fantastic! In a country where everything is so expensive, free food made my day! The facilities are a tad dingy, but nothing unususal for a hostel. Had a great stay! Thanks!

Jimmy Jumps House/Hostel

Vilnius, Lithuania

This was a really fun place to stay in an excellent location! Very nice facilities (stayed in the new section, cool!)! Awesome staff who were super helpful with everything including our many questions and even calling us a cab to the airport the night after we checked out. The party-hostel atmosphere isn't exactly my style, but they have posted quiet times and I even heard the staff reprimanding people who were being noisy after hours, which I appreciated. Thanks for a great stay!


Budapest, Hungary

This was a good, cheap hostel in a nicely central location. The staff were very nice and helpful, and security was tight in a part of town that felt like that was important. Downside -- it was extremely hot in the dorms at night with no AC. Also, we chose this hostel largely because it advertised laundry service (since we were camping for most of this trip we wanted a break to do laundry) but the machine was broken and no alternative solutions were suggested when we asked. Disappointing.

Pepe Hostel

Warsaw, Poland

Thoroughly enjoyed our stay at this very pleasant, quiet, cheap, clean hostel. The facilities were great and the staff were super helpful with anything we needed, storing our bags for us when we had a late bus out and looking up routes for us when we were going sightseeing. I definitely give this hostel my wholehearted recommendation!

Terrace Hotel

Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei

The Terrace is exactly what you should expect for a fairly cheap, fairly old, mid-level hotel. It's not fancy, but you're not paying for fancy. Everything is a bit worn and run down, but functional, livable, and not offensive. I'd definitely consider it a perfectly acceptable option for anyone traveling on a budget.

City Public Hostel

Copenhagen, Denmark

This was a fun and pretty chill place to stay in Copenhagen. With good proximity to the city (I walked the entire city from there-- didn't need public transport) and nice staff, it was definitely a good place for what you pay. The neighborhood gave me a bit of an iffy vibe, so as a single female traveler I made sure I was back in my room well before dark. Also, if you want to secure your baggage remember to bring locks. The big dorm rooms don't lock. Still, I had a good stay- pretty solid place.


This was a really cool place to spend a couple nights in Stockholm! The location simply can't be beat. The building is ancient and really cool and convoluted, the staff are super helpful, and the place has very acceptable facilities. Yep, it was an all-around great deal and I'm really glad I stayed there. I'd definitely recommend it to others and would stay there again myself if I'm ever in the city. Many thanks!

Reykjavik City Hostel

Reykjavik, Iceland

This is a really excellent place to stay! Very nice facilities, good location, great atmosphere-- but the best thing was totally the staff. They were SUPER helpful and helped me with absolutely anything and everything I needed. Totally would stay here again! Thanks for an awesome stay!

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It makes very happy to hear you liked us :) Thank you so much for your stay. We are happy that you enjoyed. Have a lovely inspiring day. Joachim, on behalf of City Hostel reception.

London Backpackers

London, England

Had a great time here! Super fun place, fun staff, great price-- all around good time. As others have said, its a little ways out from the city center, but that's really not a problem as long as you have the Tube figured out and you time things right. Oh, and I love the triple bunk beds!