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El Viajero Cartagena Hostel

Cartagena, Colombia

Fine place to stay for several nights with a very lively atmosphere at night near the bar. The rooms were comfortable (especially with AC at night) and facilities were pretty clean in general. Certainly had a good time there. However, the locker was broken when I arrived which was unfortunate, but they were able to fix it the next day.

The Cranky Croc Hostel

Bogota, Colombia

Very solid place overall! Well-situated in the middle of Candaleria and the common areas were nice to hang out in. The room/facilities were very comfortable/clean. The only thing was the WiFi was a bit spotty at times.

Samesun Venice Beach

Los Angeles, USA

I only stayed one night, but it was a pretty good hostel overall. The room and bathroom were clean and the staff were friendly. There wasn't as much going on the night I was there, but the people were certainly chill enough. You can't beat the location though with beautiful beach views.

Wombats City Hostel Berlin

Berlin, Germany

While it felt a bit more like a hotel than a hostel (it's certainly one of the largest hostels I've stayed at) and the staff tended to be pretty busy, it was a pleasant stay. The rooms were spacious and clean and the bar at the top was certainly very nice and crowded. Doesn't quite have the homely feel of smaller hostels, but a good place to meet new people/spend the night.

The Loft Hostel Budapest

Budapest, Hungary

I loved my stay at The Loft. The staff there are incredibly helpful from the moment you arrive and everyone there (including the guests) was very friendly. It felt like more like staying at a communal home than a hostel with a cozy common area and clean rooms. Sad I couldn't stay longer as they were fully booked (but one of the staff actually reached out to a number of alternate hostels for me which I'm very grateful for), but would definitely be coming back next time.

Manga hostel

Belgrade, Serbia

Manga hostel was a very nice hostel with a nice basement common area, where people hung out. I only got to stay there one night, but I had a good time while I was there. The rooms were good and clean although the top floor showers weren't working at the time so you had to go downstairs to shower.

Nomad Cave Hostel

Goreme, Turkey

I really liked Nomad Cave Hostel. The staff was very nice and accommodating, providing a hearty free breakfast and plenty of help planning my 2 days there. While the showers were outdoors, the rooms and facilities were top-notch - clean and neat.

Big Apple Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

Great hostel overall. Very nice and helpful staff and the rooms were solid. There wasn't as much of a social atmosphere (somewhere in between a hotel and hostel feel), but the lounge at the rooftop was very nice and had a great view.


I had a great time at Florentine Hostel even though I only stayed there one night. Everyone there was incredibly friendly and it's located in the younger/livelier Florentine neighborhood and a very close walk to the Old Jaffa area.

Hayarkon 48 Hostel

Tel Aviv, Israel

I only stayed here one night so I didn't get to experience it fully, but it was a pretty good hostel. Extremely good location - only a few minutes to the beach and nice common room.


I only got to stay in the hostel one night, but I had a great time there. Very clean, friendly, and comfortable stay. It's more in the north so good for visiting the asakusa/ueno area.

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Thank you very much for leaving the review. Tokyo Sky Tree and Akihabara are also walkable distance from K's House Tokyo. Please stay with us more than one day next time!


Great hostel! Very clean and friendly staff. The common rooms were also very spacious and open to meeting new people.


Very good hostel. The staff there were friendly and a good common room to meet others. A little further from the main sights but only 20-30 minutes walk so not bad at all (very convenient if you are coming from the JR station).


I had a great time at Nara Backpackers. The staff were super friendly and helped me book a free student tour while I was there. The hostel itself had a very nice zen-like ambiance and while it was quiet while I was there, I felt very comfortable. (you also can't beat the location in terms of how close it is to the main sights)


Good hostel overall - helpful staff, nice common room, and solid dorms. A bit of a quiet area but easy to access by subway/JR.

Spicythai Backpackers

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Great hostel overall. The staff are super helpful and will make sure you have a good time there. (one even helped me buy the bus ticket while I was out on a trek) It's a bit further away from the main attractions, but wasn't much of an issue. They also really encouraged a social atmosphere in the hostel which was great.

The Siem Reap Hostel

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Amazing hostel - I loved it there. Super clean and only a 5 minute walk to pub street. Everyone there was super friendly and they had sign-up boards for tours so it was very easy to find people doing all the activities there (and they also have a bar/restaurant on the first floor which is great for meeting people as a solo traveller). Last but not least, having a pool is the best after a long hot day out.

Blue Parrot Backpackers

Sydney, Australia

Great hostel - had a good time there. The staff were great with helping figuring out plans and the hostel itself was very nice. It's about a 10 minute walk to the Kings Cross train station (and about half an hour to the central business district), but there's plenty of bars/restaurants nearby. Didn't quite get a chance to mingle with the other travelers but it was a friendly environment all-round.

Don Santiago Hostel

Santiago, Chile

Nice hostel to stay in. The staff were great and very helpful. Overall, it felt homey and comfortable (nice to have a full bed to sleep on) although it was a bit quieter when I was there. Breakfast was great (toast, scrambled eggs, juice!). It's also very conveniently located for restaurants/bars and fairly close to the metro.

Discovery Hostel

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Very cozy environment especially to meet other travellers with superb staff (even went out with us on a few occasions). It's also very convenient to take the metro from there (100m at most) and a close walk to Lapa/Santa Teresa. The breakfast was also excellent (french toast, anyone?). All in all, an excellent hostel!

Refugio Hostel

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Pretty good hostel. It's in a safe location and close to the metro station. Certainly a more quiet atmosphere when I was there and there weren't any organized events/outings by the staff. Still, I had a good time there and the staff were friendly. The rooms were also pretty solid and facilities were great. As many have pointed out, great breakfast! (and lunch is cheap there)

Marcopolo Inn Iguazu

Puerto Iguazu, Argentina

Great hostel - very relaxed atmosphere and super convenient for catching the bus as it's right across from the station. The rooms were also very nice although the wifi was a challenge to connect to.

Milhouse Avenue

Buenos Aires, Argentina

I had an amazing time in Milhouse. I had originally planned to stay there for 2 days but ended up extending it to a week. It's certainly a larger hostel and will not have the same cozy small feel of other smaller hostels, but that said, it's a great place to meet people with a number of events/parties each day and the staff there are very friendly and helpful.

Hostel Estoril

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Had a great time in Estoril. They have a solid focus on a nice, clean, and relaxing experience. The staff were very helpful and there were plenty of places to chill out (including a great terrace at the top). Breakfast was solid too.


Great hostel. Had a good time with a very chill atmosphere. However, the Wi-Fi was a bit spotty and frequently didn't work without reseting the router which was unfortunate. The shower facilities could have been slightly better as well, but all in all, very nice place to stay for a few days.


Had an amazing time - the ambiance was great and everyone was very friendly all-round. Great terrace to meet others.