Reviews: Anonymous

Hotel Kyriad Paradis

Marseille, France

I absolutely loved my stay at Hotel Kyriad Paradis. It was clean, modern, well-run, and fun to stay in. There was great AC, we had a view over a bustling street, the staff was very kind, the location was great, and they provided parking for a fraction of the cost of parking in a regular lot. I was very impressed, and amazed at the value provided for the very reasonable price.

Hotel Concorde

Nimes, France

Hotel Concorde was a nightmare. The staff was rude and unhelpful (and smoked inside), the "hotel" was filthy, and there were homeless people hanging out in the lobby. Our room was on the first floor and smelled of human waste; our window looked out onto another building's stairwell- meaning we would have died in case of a fire, and also that we could hear people drunkenly singing in the stairwell all night. We found bugs, and could not wait to leave. The bathroom was unfinished and disgusting.

AWA Festa Brava

Andorra la Vella, Andorra

Festa Brava is a great place to stay in Andorra because it is in the center of Andorra la Vella, has clean facilities, and is affordable. The staff I interacted with did not speak English, so try to have a few Spanish or French phrases prepared. It was an enjoyable and easy stay. I would recommend it to anyone except those looking for a luxury hotel.

B&B Siesta

Zaragoza, Spain

We loved B&B Siesta. It is well-located, very well-run, clean, comfortable, and affordable. The owner is very kind and gave us maps, information, and spoke with us about Zaragoza for a while. We loved our stay there and would highly recommend it to any travelers. Breakfast was great, and the city itself was lovely.

Pension Loinaz

San Sebastian, Spain

Penion Loinaz was very well-located, comfortable, well-run, and clean. We enjoyed our stay and would highly recommend it to any travelers save those requiring luxury. Parking in San Sebastian was an issue, but given Pension Loinaz's small size it is understandable that they could not provided free of subsidized parking. The bathrooms were very clean and nice! The bed was comfortable as well.

La Corte de Milan

Milan, Italy

We stayed at La Corte de Milan for two days and absolutely loved it. The rooms were spacious and comfortable (I recommend paying an extra 10 Euros for Air Conditioning), and the place itself was very clean. It is in a great location. The breakfast was simple but good and the staff was very kind and helpful and engaging. I would definitely recommend staying here.

B&B Al Lion Morosini

Venice, Italy

We absolutely loved Al Lion Morosini. In the center of Venice, with easy access to any of the neighborhoods (halfway between the Train Station and St. Mark's). Very clean, spacious rooms, good AC, nice staff, good breakfast, and comfortable beds. I would definitely come back!

Il Castello

Bologna, Italy

We really enjoyed Il Castello. It is in the absolute best location in Bologna, very clean, good AC, friendly staff, fine breakfast, comfortable beds. The rooms were comfortable and clean-- nothing spectacular, but a very good value for the money. We would definitely go back!

Bari Belle Camere

Bari, Italy

This is not a hotel, but rather an apartment shared by two people and a large dog (the place smells like smoke and dog, everyone shares a bathroom). The rooms look out over train tracks, which is both unsightly and noisy (we needed to buy ear plugs). The owners are kind and helpful, but not professional. There is no AC, but there is a fan. The location is fine-- not a very nice block but close to the center of town. We were disappointed because we got more for our money elsewhere, but it was ok.

A Scalinatella

Amalfi, Italy

I stayed in A Scalinatella for 3 nights. First, the good things: it is in a really cute small town (Atrani), it was pretty clean, and a free breakfast was provided every morning. However, I was a little disappointed with a few things. There is no AC or fan, and even with the windows open it is brutally hot. The problem with leaving the windows open is that there is a church next to the place whose bells ring all night. The room and bathroom were very old but clean enough.