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There is only 2 toilets and showers for everyone who doesn't have an en suite which isn't really enough. Apart from the the hostel was great, good location, and good value for money.

Maple Leaf Inn Shuhe

Lijiang, China

Great hostel, with really good home made bread at breakfast! In a town called Shuhe which is a 30 yuan taxi journey from the old town of Lijiang, but it's worth it because it's so much nicer! Would definitely stay here again


Great hostel in a perfect location. The food here was really good and it was really close to some great scenic spots


Great layout to this hostel, would stay here again.

Wada Hostel in Guilin

Guilin, China

Good hostel, wifi didn't work in the rooms though. Would stay here again

Showbiz Inn at West Street

Yangshuo, China

Great hostel, the receptionist didn't know a lot about getting around, but she was really friendly. Free washing machine is really good, but the drier is pretty bad so you can just hang up your clothes. Good rooftop bar.

Green Oasis Hotel

Shenzhen, China

This place is way out of town, but right near a bus station which was perfect for us. The staff don't speak any English, but they were friendly. Very comfortable stay.

New China Guest House

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Chungking mansions was fine, had no problems. The room was tiny but cheap so can't complain!


Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Great location, and a great hostel, the staff weren't very helpful or polite, and that's the only thing letting the place down. The hostel also offers to sort out visas for China for you, and have a price list, but we found out that the prices they offered were twice as much (or in some cases 3 times as much for UK citizens) as going down to the China Resources building which is very near the hostel and getting it yourself.

Khaosan Road Rainbow Hostel

Bangkok, Thailand

Perfect location, staff were great, the room was small but clean. Would stay here again

YHA Bangkok Downtown

Bangkok, Thailand

Lots of cockroaches living around the bathrooms on the second floor! It's ok, but a bit out of the way

Tropical Breeze Guest house

Siem Reap, Cambodia

This guesthouse was ok, but the electricity went off for a whole day and night, and the staff weren't at all apologetic. They did charge us less, but didn't mention it at all. This meant there were no fans, ac , wifi, and we couldn'tt charge phones or laptops. Also, they ask you to take off your shoes and leave them downstairs and one of my flip flops was destroyed by a dog, so if you stay here, keep your shoes in your room!

Star Wood Inn

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

The staff were ok, but not really helpful, and they laughed when we asked them questions. Generally it was clean, but some drink caused some bugs to come into our room and they weren't at all helpful with that. Security wasn't great, our extractor fan kept falling off the bathroom wall while it was turned on leaving a gaping hole there.

Phan Lan 2

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Staff were nice and helpful, hostel was in a really good and secure location. Would definitely stay here again.

Bach Duong Hotel

Nha Trang, Vietnam

Very clean, friendly staff. Staff weren't great at speaking english and booked us a taxi to the wrong place when we wanted to go to the bus station. Apart from that, they were lovely!

Backpackers House

Nha Trang, Vietnam

Good location, clean rooms. Bathrooms weren't great, and staff.were not at all friendly. Loud area, but not really too loud to sleep or anything.

Green Field Hotel

Hoi An, Vietnam

This hotel was very overpriced. Our bathroom was mouldy and the room smelled of damp becase there was no ventilation in the mouldy bathroom. The hallways were crawling with lizards. Our window didn't close properly. The staff were pretty patronising.

Tran Ly Hotel

Hue, Vietnam

They have an 11pm curfew which we weren't aware about when we booked the hostel. Location and staff were both fine.

Hanoi City Hostel

Hanoi, Vietnam

Great hostel, staff were really friendly and helpful


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