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Fat Barracuda

Padang Bai, Indonesia

We stayed in the private suite, which is on the second floor at the top of the spiral staircase. The room was very cozy and the patio facing the street was a great place to sit and have a beer as the locals went about their lives below. We could also hear the waves on the shore at night, and the location could not be more convenient for either enjoying Padang Bai or transferring to/from Gili & Lombok or other parts of Bali.

Lemon House

Padang Bai, Indonesia

The view over town is excellent, and can be seen from the common room or the private suites. The staff was also very nice and helpful, but no one was there when we arrived and so we waited about 90 minutes before anyone came back to help is check in.

The Phoenix

Shanghai, China

Pretty straightforward place: decent location within 10 minutes of People's Square station & East Nanking Road, nice rooms, pleasant rooftop bar, generally clean (though there was a pube on our bed when we got into the room, yuk). Front desk staff wasn't rude, but did the bare minimum in terms of customer service. (Although the guy at the bar the one day we went was very friendly.) No serious complaints, no glowing endorsements either.

Smile Taipei

Taipei, Taiwan

I've never stayed in a place where the owner spent an hour helping someone (me) buy train tickets by sitting on the computer to book & walking down to Family Mart to print and purchase in the middle of the night. Ray really came through for us in a pinch, and this was just one of many small favors I saw him do for so many of his guests without any grumbling whatsoever. Ray is the embodiment of customer service and super nice guy, too. Very clean, great location! Walls are thin, though, so...

Hostel Erottajanpuisto

Helsinki, Finland

A completely average hostel. If you need a bed, they have one for you. I was upset with the limited number of affordable options in Helsinki, and I think the lack of much budget accommodations lets this place get away with being less than stellar. That being said, the location is good and the community kitchen/hangout room is quite cozy.

Viru Backpackers

Tallinn, Estonia

Really enjoyed this place- great location and very cozy atmosphere, very friendly and helpful staff. My one warning is about the noise on the street, which can persist through the night as lots of tourists stumble drunkenly by through the night. There's nothing the hostel can do about this, so it's not a complaint- just a warning if you need absolute peace and quiet!

Home Made House/Hostel

Vilnius, Lithuania

One of the best hostel's I've ever visited. Convenient and quiet location in a courtyard off a main road, small and cozy so you can easily make friends with the other people there, and very tidy. Lucas was working an epic week long shift while we were there, but he always had the best attitude and helped us out. He really made our stay in Vilnius.

City Hostel

Kaunas, Lithuania

Good location if you want to see more than just the Old Town, really cozy and comfortable rooms, though the common room is almost small enough to be nonexistent. Very friendly and helpful staff. However, consider yourself warned about the noise from the club across the street, though I imagine it's just a weekend thing. I had bad drum and base as a soundtrack to my dreams for my night in Kaunas.


Good location, but noisy street and guests. All the essentials are present at this hostel, but the facilities are pretty bad. The room was so-so, the bathrooms and showers absolutely vile. Don't count on getting your laundry done here. Staff was nice-ish. A big concern wasn't with the staff, but the other guests. A lot of bro types go to Riga to party, and this place was full of them. If you're not a bro, you likely won't like it here. About 90% men when we stayed there, too.

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Wow.... did you even stay in our hostel ??


Good facilities- clean & comfortable, hospitable common room. Two issues: We dealt with 3 staff members throughout our stay. 2 of them should not be working in a hostel, their sense of basic service is so bad. The 3rd was fantastic (owner, maybe?). The location (b/w the station & casinos) is also sketchy, so we never felt safe going in & out of the building. You have to actually walk through a 24 hour McD's to enter the place, & the courtyard below was full of screaming every night (addicts?).

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During your stay we had an unexpected change of staff (2 out of 3 girls had to be replaced) and it's always tough in the middle of the peak season. I'm happy to say that both girls that had the shaky and nerve wrecking first shifts alone have now become a great and valuable addition of the Sally team. With the central location we unfortunately have to expect that all sorts of people can be on the streets, also drunk people enjoying late night burgers. Safe travels, Sallies

Tanita House

Chiang Mai, Thailand

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On the small side, but great location, good charm, and wonderful staff.

Hotel Mikado

Osaka, Japan

A bit run down, and you have to go down to the first floor to shower. The onsen also has very odd hours. That being said, the staff is incredibly friendly and the hotel provides great free services (bike rental, wifi...) The neighborhood is one of the roughest in Osaka, but still nothing compared to the bad areas of countless other cities. (Japan is just safe everywhere.) The Tennoji area has some characters, and one of the craziest red light districts I've ever seen, so be prepared for that.


Excellent all around. Very friendly and helpful staff, great atmosphere, nice rooms, good location. Great value.


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