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Location: Russia, Gender: Female, Age: 24

The Funky Chicken Hostel

Bucharest, Romania

Very average in all respects but cheap as hell, thus a good option for a short stay.

A Wild Elephants Hostel

Bratislava, Slovakia

I loved the old building (with a huge spider!!!) a lot! The staff were very friendly and helpful all the time. I wish I could spend there more time. The only drawback I'd name is the kitchen which could be a bit cleaner. Overall - a perfect stay in lovely Bratislava.

Check In Hostel

Berlin, Germany

You get what you pay for. Not really clean, not really safe (some stuff was stolen from other guests during my stay). They do have a kitchen, very small though. The best part is that you have Lidl (important for a budget traveller) in the same building and the U-bahn is just 3 mins far. Again, it's really cheap and far better than most hostels with the same price.


Beautiful stay! A huge kitchen with everything you need, cheap laundry right in the kitchen. Many caf├ęs, bars, and even Lidl nearby. Something like 15-20 minutes from the Dom and Hauptbahnhof on foot. A huge shower in the room, free lockers. Everything's clean. U-bahn and S-bahn stations are 4-5 minutes far. Also quite cheap for Cologne.

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Dear Marianna, thank you for your comment. We are happy that you like our hostel and hope you visit us again. Take care. Kind regards Your Meininger-Team

MEININGER Frankfurt/Main Messe

Frankfurt, Germany

First good stuff: it's not a hostel, it's a descent hotel (apart from actually sharing the room with somebody else). Clean rooms and showers. A 20-min walk to Hauptbahnhof. And yes, you actually feel u're in a hotel, even due to the way the staff treats u.Somebody'll probably value the place for that.Bad part:the kitchen-unbelievably small and dirty, every day. Was like eating in the jungle: flies and bugs everywhere. Yuck. Also didn't like the area. Nearest public transport stop is 'bout 7 mins

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In fact we work as a hostel-hotel-concept and try to treat every guest the same individual way. As for the guest kitchen: We do have it cleaned daily in the morning from the kitchen team, but some guests to not understand the precept of a guest kitchen, where they are supposed to clean after themselves. We are sorry to hear about your unpleasant experience. Looking forward to welcoming you again and trying to make it up to you then. Cheers from Frankfurt

Steffi's Hostel Heidelberg

Heidelberg, Germany

Spacious kitchen with all you need, clean dorms and showers, reasonable prices. No complaints at all. My bed was given to smb else, but the problem was solved in less than half an hour, and the staff gave me free breakfast in the morning. Everyone's super friendly. 2 minutes to Hauptbahnhof, 15 to Altstadt on foot. And they have Lidl on the 1st floor, which is perfect for a backpacker. Will definitely be back.


One word: never again. Way too expensive for the dirt and mess you get. I mean, it's not the hostel's fault, it's more the people who stay there. But the fact that empty beer bottles, crumbles, and other disgusting stuff were in the room for all 4 days I stayed there, proves they don't clean the room. The kitchen was closed for cleaning because of some outrageous guests. Cleaning the kitchen for 4 days, not bad. I believe it was still closed after I left. Good and surprisingly cheap bar though.

JUFA Salzburg City

Salzburg, Austria

I must admit it's one of the best hostel's I've been to. The staff are so nice, the common rooms and the dorms are clean. They have the biggest all-you-can-eat breakfast (meat, salads, pastry, fruit,veg,flakes,desserts,and more) you will find, believe me. And it's included into the price. It takes 'bout 5 mins to walk to Altstadt. The drawbacks: slow Wi-Fi, not really clean showers on the ground floor, no free lockers. But on the whole, the place is fantastic, and I would recommend it to anyone.

Lagan Backpackers

Belfast, Northern Ireland

For 8 days this place became my home-real home,with family and my warm cozy bed. It's one of the few hostels where I've never encountered a single problem with showers-no waiting(yep,really lots of showers),the temperature is up to u,adjust it as u want. The staff-easy-going,ready to help(even with cooking) and join u in a pub or in watching a movie.Definitely a family atmosphere. Btw,u can choose the type of breakfast u want. When in Belfast-Lagan Backpackers! Best hostel I've stayed in.

Budget Backpackers

Edinburgh, Scotland

Clean, beautiful, the perfect location in the old part of the city.Beautiful area,close to the main sights.It wasn't bad, ideal if you plan a short stay.But if you need a longer one,better look for a place with a kitchen or free breakfast.Here you'd be charged for everything. Wouldn't recommend using the laundry-expensive and your clothes remain basically the same after washing.A waste of money!And you can find somebody's dirty socks in the machine together with ur bra and panties. no respect!

Euro Hostel Glasgow

Glasgow, Scotland

Spacious rooms, stunning view of the Clyde, reasonable price(even low, considering nice free breakfast), check-out 11 am(which is perfectly convinient)+late check-out can be arranged.Certainly would be back, it's worth it.The only drawbacks were: one lift for the whole building, u have to wait for a long time,and the shower which seemed really tiny.Though, it's much better than in any other hostel where u have to push the button to start the water all the time and can't regulate the temperature.

NosDa Studio Hostel

Cardiff, Wales

Certainly the most homelike hostel i've been to. Wonderful view of the Taff, creative design, really helpful staff, both kitchen and bar with delicious food(cheap for guests), vending machine, free laundry, free computers with Internet. Even terrace for smokers and for those who just want to drink and admire stunning view of Cardiff. Rather expensive but worth the money. I'd change the shower, as u can't regulate the temperature: it's too hot and it's hard to breath while u r taking it.


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