Reviews: Anonymous

Carpe Noctem Vitae

Budapest, Hungary

THE BEST. Imagine hanging out in a penthouse with 50 of your closest friends & fam. Kickass guests. Crazy nights. Happy days of hangovers with incredible people. The STAFF make this home and will do anything for you! SHOUT OUTS Aussie Dave my FAVORITE silly partner in crime :) Scrumps killin it as manager. Sexy Cosmo- ridiculous fun for dayyss. Leah KDoll Rosie - beautiful welcoming, funloving babes. Wedge and Seth Rogen- sweetest and funniest bitches around. LOVE my vitae family! Miss Y'all!

Grandio Party Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

This place will always feel like home!!! NO PLACE BETTER! Best parties in the world. The STAFF make the all difference. Shout out to Brooks and Emily- kick ass managers. Lordie, Hansel and Lia being the BEST full-timers and the awesome "new" bitches Jimmy Flake and Kitchy. Counting the days until I can come back!! xx

The Yellow

Rome, Italy

So Much Fun!! The outdoor sitting area was a great place to meet other travelers and I hung out there more than I saw roman sites. Such an awesome hostel- close to the station, clean, well run, awesome atmosphere, and nice people.

Balmers Herberge

Interlaken, Switzerland

Interlaken is magical, but made even better by balmers! A friendly staff and amazing set up. Metro is so much fun! And there are a ton of like minded travelers to meet while there. Definitely a must on your european adventures!

Earthers Hostel

Hvar, Croatia

Nicest owners ever met. Greatest atmosphere because it could be very relaxed but also a lot of fun. I have also never seen a better hostel location with perfect views of the sunset over the harbor every night! clean rooms and common deck areas. Cannot miss this place in Hvar! You will have the TIME OF YOUR LIFE and never want to leave. So comfortable and welcoming. Jeff and Rob- keep up the good work fellas!

The Wild Fig Hostel

Zadar, Croatia

Such a laid back place- very nice people. the staff was welcoming. chilled and felt like home. the BBQ and quiz on sundays is SO MUCH FUN. Stayed for a week instead of 3 days because i was so comfortable at the fig!

Hostel Emanuel

Split, Croatia

i arrived in split pretty in need of serious rest. I was SOO happy to be a hostel emmanuel. it is extremely clean and well organized. the beds all have curtains so it is easy (when you are sick like me) to just sleep whenever you want. the staff was so helpful and comforting. then when i got better i was able to meet some amazing people and have a great night out. I got injured out and the staff went to the store to get me first aid supplies and dress my wound. would definitely go back!!

SR Backpackers

Saranda, Albania

Tomi and his wife are incredible! they treat you like family! tomi walked me all over town to make sure i knew where teh bus stations were and wrote me detailed directions to get to my next location! every morning you wake up to fresh breakfast and friendly people! it felt like home and i didnt want to leave!!

The Pink Palace

Corfu, Greece

The pink palace is not really "corfu" but instead an incredible and SO FUN all inclusive resort. it pulls you in so that you never want to leave- trust me! Great parties! The staff is incredible and friendly! I became close with each and every one of them instantly. Even though it's a BIG place it feels like home- everyone says hi and parties together. The most fun I had! it was painful to leave such a wonderful place. It's a must! Room cleaned daily. Good food, too much fun (ha!) great people!