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Need new beds, first bed I was on was broken down the middle and the next was the worst mattress I have ever experienced. Ended up sleeping in the common room. Very noisy rooms.


Great job!!

Hostel One Home

Prague, Czech Republic

By far the best hostel I have ever stayed in. Has it all, atmosphere staff and location perfect for a fantastic stay in Prague


Kathmandu, Nepal

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Backpackers Newcastle

Newcastle upon Tyne, England

No keys to the rooms, no lockers.

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When you check in you watch me or whoever unlock the safe cupboard, get the money out and take payment - credit card or cash, all goes in the till in the safe cupboard. The safe cupboard that is often full wit rucksacks, cases and laptops. If A/ You fail to work out that the safe cupboard exists and B/ A member of staff fails to mention it as you check in Then you can fall back on plan C C/ Ask a member of the 24 hr staff. If A,B and C all fail for you then I dont need to write any more


Very accommodating and friendly staff. Bathrooms quite small in some of the rooms.

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Dear Guest Thank you for your review We usually give access to other bathrooms on the floors, as we know some of the bathrooms in the rooms can become busy at times. We hope you will visit us again in the future. Regards Robert


Very friendly and accommodating staff.

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Hey, Thanks for the review and comments our staff love a mention in the reviews. Come back soon for another great experience. Kind regards, St Christopher's Inn Paris Canal

The Garden Backpacker

Seville, Spain

Very friendly staff and great atmosphere!

Lisbon Lounge Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

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