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The facilities looked very old, and were not that clean. The carpets throughout the building were smelly and dirty..especially in the locker rooms. Also, the sleep capsules didn't have outlets. I have stayed at other capsule hotels in Japan and this one is my least favorite.

Hiroshima Hana Hostel

Hiroshima, Japan

Very clean hostel with comfortable beds. Good location, too!

Beary Nice! by a beary good hostel

Singapore, Singapore

The hostel was quite nice. The rooms were comfortable and clean. My only complaint is the bathroom. It was way too hot in there.

Sam So Guesthouse

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Excellent staff...very friendly!

Pak-Up Hostel

Krabi, Thailand

Good, cheap, clean hostel. It's also quite large so you can easily meet other people and drink on the rooftop bar.

Little Hanoi Hostel

Hanoi, Vietnam

Definitely the friendliest hostel I have ever stayed at. The staff are fantastic. The rooms are also very clean and the beds are comfortable. The location is also very good and the staff can help you organize just about anything. Perhaps it is a big more expensive than other hostels, but it's definitely worth it. They were always offering me coffee or tea and the breakfast that was included was a cooked meal (not toast like everywhere else). Overall, a great place to stay!

Comfort Hostel HK

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

The best part of this hostel is the location! Very easy to get to and in a lively area. With that said, the price of the hostel (considering the location) is very reasonable. The room and bathroom were clean and the bed was comfortable. My only (small) complaint is the staff. I was often given false information or told "I don't know" to some common guest-type questions. Also, they didn't have record of me paying when I checked out and asked me to pay extra (save your receipt!).

Happy Dragon Hostel

Beijing, China

Really inexpensive to stay here so it's not a bad deal at all. It's about as clean as a typical hostel, so nothing to really complain about. They did lose my reservation for a single room upon my arrival (despite me emailing them to confirm the day of my arrival) so I had to stay in a different room. But, Sally the front desk lady, was super amazing! She was always very friendly and helpful. Overall, not a bad place to stay. You could do better, but you certainly could do worse as well.


Jeju Island, South Korea

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