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I stayed at two K's House Hostels during my trip to Japan and I think they may be my favourite hostels of all time (I've spent a combine total of more than 3 months staying in over 30 hostels). They have great shared facilities like living spaces, kitchens & bathrooms PLUS great storage and locker space in fantastic locations. The only thing they don't offer is breakfast (but they do offer free coffee & tea anytime).


I've spent more than 3months staying in over 30 hostels and I have to say that I think the K's House Hostels are my favourite. They manage to have both great shared facilities and atmosphere but also top notch security & cleanliness. The only real draw back of this hostel is that it was my most expensive in Japan and yet it was in one of the least expensive cities I visited. Regardless, I would stay there again for sure.

Yellow Brick 2 Hostel

Seoul, South Korea

Great location. Fantastically clean. The bedrooms were very well set up so everyone had ample room for their luggage, a hanger, outlets, etc. The only draw back of this hostel is that it doesn't have a very social atmosphere. Also 'free breakfast' is a bit generous considering it's pretty much toast and coffee. There are eggs but they are raw and there is only one stove for the whole hostel to share. I never had a chance to cook my egg because people always beat me to the stove.

Dragon King Hostel

Beijing, China

The bed (i.e. ready light, outlet, privacy curtain, locker) set up is great. The bathrooms leave something to be desired (but at least there are western toilets!). There's no kitchen or real common area to spend time in so the main downside of this hostel is lack of atmosphere and socializing. However the location is great both for accessing both the airport and attractions but also nearby groceries and great cheap restaurants.

Hostel City Center Sarajevo

Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina

This hostel was great. My only concern is that I don't think it has enough washrooms for the people. Also, we didn't stay long enough for me to have anything to say about the kitchen facilities. One warning: there is no water between midnight and 5am but I think that's a city wide thing and not the hostel's fault.

Old Town Hostel East Wing

Kotor, Montenegro

This was my favourite hostel out of all 11 we stayed at on this trip. The stand alone kitchen is a little under supplied but each room has a small kitchen that makes up for it. Everything else is perfect and this hostel has the most character I've ever seen!


Ohrid, Macedonia

Street signs are a bit lacking in Ohrid so it was no surprise when we got totally lost in the rain. We called from an internet cafe and the staff came to get us and drove with us to a good parking spot and then took us to the hostel. It was amazing!

Hostel Mostel

Sofia, Bulgaria

Pros: The breakfast was amazing. It included the usual suspects but also fresh scrambled eggs and waffles and a whole range of fruit & vegetables. The dinner is less exciting by far but still pretty great for what you pay. Cons: There are no kitchen facilities available. Also it wasn't clear to us beforehand that our room was not in the hostels main buidling. It was a 5 min walk away which was way less convenient for meals and meant we didn't benefit from the cool atmosphere in the main room.

San Mara's Hostel

Belgrade, Serbia

This hostel could use a more visable sign out front but that is the only thing I'd change. The kitchen was fantastic and many of the rooms had real beds and not bunk beds. The only thing I would warn other guests is that smoking is allowed in the kitchen so the whole hostel can be a bit smokey.

Chillout Hostel Zagreb

Zagreb, Croatia

The location was fantastic but the atmosphere and facilities weren't my style. The only common area is a hostel run bar which gives this hostel very much a party-only vibe. The kitchen facilities were also very lacking which made it really hard if you're a traveller that likes to cook. The cleanliness was okay but not great. The hostel does a great job cleaning during the day but it goes downhill fast thanks to lots of irresponsible and messy hostel guests.