Reviews: Anonymous

Pacific Hotel

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

...My name is Patrick, from Ohio, and I just stayed at Pacific Hotel. It is in a great location! In the center of many markets,. The staff was very helpful in directions and suggestions. The Hotel is across from the bus station and within a couple blocks of the Metro, what more can you ask for?...


..I would enjoy another stay at SmugglersCove...staff is very friendly and helpful..Location is perfect! FJ!.00 for the bus ride to town. On the beach, continental breakfast included, what more can you ask for?


Zurich, Switzerland

Hi! This is Patrick OConnor, I found this Hostel to be superb!!!...The friendliness and helpfulness of the staff and the location were all I could hope for...I will stay here again!!...

MEININGER Brussels City Center

Brussels, Belgium

Hi! I am Patrick O'Connor and I recently stayed with you...and now, I am a big fan!!! ...I will stay there again, and tell others about one of Europe's BEST Hostels!!!

Casa de Fatima Hotu

Easter Island, Chile

Hi! This is Patrick from Ohio...I just stayed at Fatima's Hostel....really enjoyed it!! is near everything in town, and Fatima was very helpful. Although I speak no spanish, here husband acted as interpreter and became my tour guide for the Island!!...I would definitely stay there again..

Dar Jameel

Tangier, Morocco

I am quite impressed with the interior of the Hostel...not only the lobby, but the rooms!!! look at the Hostel from the outside you would think, what have I done? ...well, what you have done is choose a Hostel that is in a good location, with a great rooftop view, and a filling hot breakfast!! ...I definitely will visit here again especially with the informative staff. Thank You!

Panama by Luis

Panama City, Panama

Hostel was very clean,...staff was very helpful in directions, store and some restaurants very close...I would definitely stay here again!!! Patrick