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The hostel ir really far, takes about 30-40 minutes to reach city center, the prices are really high, I know eveything in London is expensive but it has almost the same prices as it was a restaurant/bar in city center. they have adaptors but they sell them at high price, also half of the electricity sockets in the lobby dont work. three floor beds are not comfortable. You may save a few bucks cause is cheap, but at the end is not worth it, better pay 3 or 4 pounds more to stay in a better place

La Casa de Dante

Guanajuato, Mexico

This place is absolutely amazing, the owner makes the best breakfast in the whole world and she is just the greatest person on this planet, the place has a great view, and the hostel is really beautiful, there are a lot of stairs... A LOT, is not that far from city center, about 10 min walk. but believe me I have been in some really good hostel and this one tops them