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Hostel Baccarat

Nice, France

But you will have to take the bus and pay. You can purchase a 10 use bus fare for abt 10 euro. The pass also world for the metro (rail). If this is not a problem then this place is good.

Fusion Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

This is a great hostel, helpful and professional staff, and it has decent a/c. Prague is a great city. Make time to go to the Crossclub late night. I'm coming back to Prague and I'm staying here.


Not a bad hostel. But they need ac and then it would be a great hostel. So close to train station. Easy to find yr way around. It gets warm. They need ac.

The Brit Hostel Zagreb

Zagreb, Croatia

This is a simple hostel and the people that work there are helpful. Its simple but it works. You can do the upper town and the lower town in one day if you stay here and are organized. Near some nice restaurants.

Hostel Lodi

Rome, Italy

Stay here! Ali is not just a hotel operator. He is a virtual tour guide and he will show you how to do Rome in less than three days. Great coffee. Great place. More like a hotel than a hostel. Thank you ali!

Palace Hostel

Vienna, Austria

clean comfortable and tidy. only issue is the walls are a little thin.

Stayokay Amsterdam Zeeburg

Amsterdam, Netherlands

stoyokay is a decent hostile. the good part is its away from town in a small indonesian village where its relatively quiet. the bad news is loud doors and if that is intentional by design, i cannot understand why. the best way to stay here is to go w yr friends and u and yr friends take up one room. stoyokay is more like a dorm than a hostile but i will stay here again.